Activities During Quarantine

Activities During Quarantine

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What Activities During Quarantine You can do? 

Coronavirus pandemic has disturbed the political, social, economic, religious, and financial structures of the whole world. In this panic situation, what activities during quarantine?

Most of the countries have implemented lockdown, you cannot go outside, and you have to stay inside.

Staying inside for a long time can be very anxious, but to keep yourself calm and relaxed during quarantine, here are some activates you can do by living in a room.

What Activities can You do During Quarantine?

Read your favorite books

As you were very busy in the race of life and you don’t have time to read books. Now you have free time to read your favorite books.

If you don’t have books in your home, you can access books through online libraries. If you are confused about what books you should read, we are suggesting a few books and believe me you will love these books.

  • Wilderness Essays, by JOHN MUIR
  • A Thousand Acres, by JANE SMILEY
  • The Age of Innocence, by EDITH WHARTON
  • Riddley Walker, by RUSSELL HOBAN
  • The Memory Police, by YOKO OGAWA

Movies and Series

The next thing you can do during quarantine is watching movies and series. Watching movies can be a good activity, and you will not get bored. Buy Netflix subscription and enjoy it.

Here we are suggesting you a few movies you must watch during the quarantine

  • The Fight Club
  • T he Act of Killing
  • Daughters of the Dust
  • Dogtooth

If you want to enjoy comedy, then I will suggest you watch the “FRIENDS” series, and Night at the museum movies.

Yoga and Meditation  

As earlier discussed, spending time in quarantine can be anxious, and you may feel depressed to overcome depression, and anxiety yoga and meditation are like fast-acting medicines.
Yoga will give you feelings of inner peace, and meditation helps to improve your mental health and relieves stress. There are many online yoga and meditation classed available online, or you can learn these on YouTube.   

Its Great Time to Learn New Skills

You have plenty of free time; it’s the best time to learn some new skills. For example, you want to learn web development, but due to buys routine, you were unable to learn it. Now it’s a great time to adopt new skills.

Learn Freelancing 

Making money is not a bad thing; why not you should learn to freelance and start making some extra bucks.

There are many freelancing platforms available, choose anyone from these platforms, and start offering your services. YouTube is full of freelancing training and courses. 

Indoor Exercises 

Sitting in one place and watching movies and reading books etc. is good to spend time. But you must do a little workout to maintain your shape.

You don’t need any exercise equipment or a gym. There are numerous exercises you can do even as living in quarantine like you can do jumping, pushups or weight lifting, etc.

You must use at least 30 minutes to exercise. Regular workout also boosts immunity, which plays an important role against the coronavirus. 

Writing Diary 

Diary writing is another activity that you can do during quarantine, you can write your experience about quarantine, and you can also write about your daily activities, full-day routine, your diet plan.

You can also set the goals that you want to achieve during and after this quarantine. 

Enjoy Music 

You can enjoy your favorite music during the quarantine. Music will keep you calm and relaxed, as good music has the power to touches your soul.

If you love classical music, you can listen to Leroy Anderson, Walter Piston, etc., or you can make a list of your favorite songs. It’s a great time to feel and enjoy the music. 

Keep in Touch with Friends

As you cannot leave your house due to lockdown, but as you have the facility of internet and mobile phone. Connect with your old friends and love ones.

You can make Whatsapp or Skype groups and can spend time gasping. 

Playing Video Games

Playing video games is another good option to kill time. There are many online games available, or if you play station, this is a great device to keep you busy, or you can use your Apple/Android cell phone for gaming purposes. If you have pc with modern specs, you can enjoy gaming on it.  

Brain Games to Sharpen Your Mind 

Scientific research suggests that people who engage themselves in brain games and puzzles had consistently better short-term memory, reasoning, and attentiveness than those who did not engage in such activities; it is a good idea to play these games regularly. Here are a few brain games you should try 

  • Sudoku
  • Lumosity
  • Crosswords
  • Elevate
  • Peak
  • Happy neuron

Simply go to play store, and you will find hundreds of brain and memory games. Start from the basic level and keep increasing difficulty level day by day. 

Get Your Religion Knowledge 

Religion is like a foundation for morals and beliefs. Religion plays an important role in our daily lives. If you believe in any religion, it is the best time for you to know your religion more closely.

You must read your religious books. It does not matter you are Muslim, Christian, Jew, Sikh whatever you are, it is important to have knowledge about your religion. Getting closer to your religion will give you inner peace. 

By living in a room, you can do various activities as given above. Make your quarantine memorable and enjoyable by doing new stuff and activities.

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