Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

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How to Earn Online with Affiliate Marketing on Amazon?

In this detailed guide, we will show you the process and ways to earn online with affiliate marketing on Amazon.

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing Works?

Amazon Affiliate program helps you earn money online through affiliate links. First you need to create content that appeals to your prospective buyers.

Then you can use Amazon affiliate links that direct traffic to Amazon. When a customer subsequently buys through your link, you earn a commission for each sale.

What is the Process for Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Here are the steps to follow;

Finding and Selecting Your Niche

To have a better shot at success, select a specific products niche that your website will promote through affiliate links. Contrarily, a broader niche presents more competition from other affiliate marketers.

Additionally, your niche should be related to specific information your blog covers.

Building Your Content Strategy

This involves selecting and creating the platform for using your Amazon Affiliate links.You can either choose;

Website or Blog

You will need to find a domain and host for your site. You can then use affiliate links in articles which you publish.

Video Channel

A popular site like YouTube is preferable for a lot of traffic.

How to Signup For Amazon Associates Program?

Signing up is easy, no third party verification is needed. However, make sure you only sign up when you’re ready.

Equally important, register when you already have content to use for affiliate linking then read all Amazon’s policies on affiliate marketing.

How to Start Earning Through Amazons Affiliate Marketing Promotions?

Modern Affiliate marketing is strategist around creating content. Having said that, let us look at how you can achieve this?

How to Link Products Inside Your Content?

You can achieve this by simply using basic texts links to Amazon in the body of your articles. It is very effective since your readers already trust your blog. Besides this, these types of links are very inviting for clicks.

How to Use Product Reviews?

By creating a high-quality product review in your niche,you convince a reader to purchase the product. Having done that,you can, post the reviewed product links at the bottom of the article which direct buyers to Amazon.

How to Use Sales and Promotions?

You can take advantage of holidays like Christmas to link products with great offers. This attracts value oriented Amazon shoppers.

Furthermore, it attracts more traffic from people wishing to buy holiday specific items hence boosting your clicks and earnings on affiliate links.

How to Use Click able Images Links?

For most people, images are more convincing for clicks, as they already show how the product looks. A tool like EazyAzon will help you import click able Amazon affiliate links in your website and earn commissions.

How are Product Comparisons used for Affiliate Links?

High-quality product comparisons help to bring out the superior product. This helps a reader make a final decision. Linking Amazon products in a comparison article will help you earn more since the reader has converted to a potential buyer.

How to Use an Email List?

Email lists can be very effective as they help you communicate directly. Sending guides with Amazon links to subscribed readers and viewers is very convincing for them to visit Amazon to purchase products thus boosting your earnings.

How to Use the Buy Now button in Your Content?

Inserting a buy now button has been proven effective for convincing people to buy, this makes it a must-have. In-fact, the Buy Box accounts for over 80% of sales on Amazon. Using it on your site will earn you many clicks, consequently, improving your earnings.

How to Use Monthly Best Sellers lists?

Most people perceive best selling items as good purchases due to the high demand. Publishing these lists with Amazon links included will greatly increase your earnings.

The Bottom Line

Amazon affiliate marketing can be a great source of income. Using guidelines in this article, you can comfortably increase your passive income.


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