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What Are Affiliate Marketing Terms?

What Are Affiliate Marketing Terms?What are Affiliate Marketing Terms?

Before start What is Affiliate Marketing? It is necessary to understand Affiliate Marketing Terms. It  is an old and effective technique that has been present on the internet for a long time.

Bloggers and YouTubers are using affiliate marketing to earn money.

It is time to learn more about affiliate marketing terms and channel it to your own  benefits. 

Is There Difference Between Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks?

Affiliate programs and affiliate networks are terms that "pop up a lot in affiliate  marketing". From a first glance, you might think that they are the same thing.  So, both share some attributes and contrast in others.

What is Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program is a specialized program that is offered by a certain company. The  affiliate program is customized to meet the company's industry.

For example, if it is a food company. The program will focus only on offers and ads  that promote their food.

An affiliate program gives you the flexibility to choose the products and services to  promote. You are in direct contact with the company. So you know their terms and who you are working with.

What is Affiliate Network?

Affiliate network is third-party, between an advertiser and a publisher. The affiliate network is a showcase that advertisers use to offer affiliates marketing deals.

Also, it is the market where affiliates hunt for a suitable affiliate marketing partnership. An affiliate network ensures that the advertisers are genuine and publishers are not spammers.

For affiliates, it provides reporting tools, payment insurance and affiliate marketing  programs. For advertisers, it provides tracking and reporting tools, payment processing  and access to a pool of affiliates.

So both, affiliate networks and affiliate programs, are contributors to online affiliate  marketing. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you.

Is there any difference between Private Affiliate Programs and Public Affiliate Programs?

There are two types of affiliate programs. They differ in a subtle way. Private affiliate  programs are available by invitations only.

What is Private Affiliate?

Private affiliate programs are secret programs. The companies don't post about this  program. Companies only invite the affiliates who are suitable for them. 

They search for affiliates and offer them an agreement. So, If you are a candidate  affiliate, the company will contact you.

This type of affiliate marketing is usually a secret because of many reasons, one of them is  its high commission rate.

Unfortunately, some people use private affiliate programs to spam or hack others. If you  got an invitation for a private program, search the company and make sure it is real and  genuine.  So read about the company's reviews, products, and locations. All in all, do your research  very well when you receive an invitation.

What Is Public Affiliate?

Public affiliate programs are open for the public. Anyone can apply to be an affiliate if the  meet the advertiser's minimum requirements.  The program is advertised on social media and the company's website. So, both private and public affiliate programs offer a commission rate in exchange of promotion.

Which Affiliate Marketing Terms You Should Know?

These are some technical terms that are related to payment methods and reporting tools.


It is the cost per click.


It is the cost per sale.


It is the number of views of an ad or a link.


Conversion happens when a customer does the intended action. Filling a form, answering  a survey, or buying a product are examples of actions.

Payment threshold

It is the minimum amount of money or number of sales a publisher needs to reach before  getting paid by the advertiser.

Raw clicks

It is number of total clicks of an ad or link.

Unique clicks

It is the number of unique clicks of a link or ad. The number represents the clicks that are generated by different users. For example, if one person clicks an ad five times, the  number of unique clicks will be one because the same person generated the five clicks.


It is a notice that publishers post on their websites or social networks. The notice makes  the followers or visitors aware of the affiliate agreement between a publisher and an  advertiser.

Charge back

It is a term that refers to the refund of commission rate of an incomplete sale.

 Tracking method

It is the way an advertiser tracks the sales, leads and promotion of a publisher.

Tracking id

Each promotion link that publishers post on their social networks has a tracking id. The tracking id keeps track of the source of a sale or traffic.

Read more to discuss analytical software, terms and much more. 


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