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Complete Guide to Earn with YouTube in 2021

How to Earn with YouTube in 2021?

YouTube is the biggest video platform worldwide and interestingly, you can earn money when you become a video creator. To help you achieve this, read this complete guide to earn with YouTube.

Who can Use YouTube to Earn Money?

If you create a YouTube channel, post interesting videos and monetize them, you can easily start earning through AdSense. Practically, this means anyone who has the ability to create videos and attract views can earn easily using YouTube.

However, to earn thousands of dollars on YouTube you have to be a consistent content creator who posts regularly and attracts thousands if not millions of views.

What Type of Videos can Earn You Money on YouTube?

YouTube supports different types of videos on their platform. They include webinars, Vlogs, interviews, screen cast videos, how to videos. Some popular categories that can attract many views include;

  • Gaming Videos
  • Makeup Videos
  • Food/Recipe
  • How to/Tutorials
  • Product Reviews
  • Unwrapping/Unboxing Videos
  • Vlogging
  • Travel
  • Challenge Videos

However, there are some videos which can only be viewed by over 18-year-olds since they contain explicit content.

Videos with extremely explicit content like terrorism, pornography, abuse of minors and likewise those involving abuse of human rights are banned from YouTube.

Can You Calculate Youtube Earnings?

There isn’t a specific consistent formula for you to calculate the amount of money you will make on your videos. However, there are rough estimate formulas for calculating the return on investments (ROI) from YouTube Videos.

For you to start earning, your videos must be have over 4000 hours watch time likewise your channel must have 1000 subscribers. You can estimate your earnings using per 1000 views calculations, where you can get paid $1 or $3.
These earnings are mostly influenced by demographics, video engagements and the time of the year. YouTube gets 45% from the amount you earn per 1000 views, i.e. 45 % of say $1.

You get paid the rest. Views from regions like the USA can earn you up to$3 per 1000 views while places like India make you $1 per 1000 views. Additionally, during holidays seasons earnings also increase since there is increased marketing by companies.

Type of Ads on YouTube

Pre Video Roll Ads

This is an advertisement that rolls before your videos start playing to your viewers

Text Ads in Videos

These are texts in boxes advertisements that pop on the screen while viewers are watching your videos.

Image & Text Ads

These are the banner Ads that pop up at the sides of YouTube videos.

How to Create YouTube Account?

To start a YouTube Channel for creating, commenting on and sharing videos you require a Google account. If you don’t have one Visit YouTube Click the “Sign-in” button at the top right of the page.

You will get redirected to the Google sign-in page.   In the Google sign in page click “More Options” and select “Create Account”   You will be required to fill your details.

What If You Already have a Google Account?

Proceed to YouTube and click “sign in” button, it will direct you to sign in to your google account. After signing in you will find that Google has automatically logged you on YouTube. Next steps

Click on The Icon at the top right corner of the page next to the bell icon for a drop-down menu.

In fact, if you had already uploaded your picture, you will see your icon at the top right-hand side of the page.

Additionally, upload a picture if you don’t have it to give your channel a unique identity. If you are creating the channel for a minor, make sure you turn on the parental control before proceeding.

How to Create YouTube Channel?

On the drop-down menu, the same as the one below select “Settings”.

This will direct you to the account overview where you can select “Create Channel” to get started.

The next step is branding your account.

The name of the channel should be memorable, simple and related to what your videos will contain. After filling the details required you will be required to verify your account.

How to Customize Your Channel?

On your channels dashboard, you will see a customize channel button, click on it to start adding visuals and descriptive details.

Having clicked, you will land on the page below, where you can add your channel art as well as your channel description. YouTube advises use images with dimensions of 2560 x 1440.
The next step is verification.   Furthermore, you can add more information by clicking “My channel” then “About”.
Change your icon at the top right of the page click on it, where you will be directed to your Google account. Here you can also add contact information, your sites, and stories.

This will automatically change your YouTube icon.

How to Get Your YouTube Channel Verified?

To start earning money on YouTube your account must be verified. Only two accounts can be verified using the same phone number in a year. Verification is easy and involves;

  • From your Account page. Click on the “View Additional Features” to verify.
  • Click on “Verify” which you get to the final verification page. Here you can choose your country and whether to verify using a code sent as a text message or through a voice call.

How to Select a Niche for YouTube?

To get views on your YouTube, you must make sure you select a niche and focus on it to build your brand. YouTube creators Course, is a course that helps you to understand the target audience and about video niches. Check out trending videos to identify most profitable niches on YouTube.

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