Drop Shipping With Alibaba

Drop Shipping with AliExpress

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Who is Aliexpress?

AliExpress is offered by Alibaba Group. This article will take you through a step by step guide on how to drop shipping with AliExpress.

How Drop Shipping with AliExpress Works?

Most of the content on AliExpress can be easily imported directly to your store. Afterwards, you can add descriptions and set your prices. After a customer’s purchases from your store,you get on AliExpress and purchase the same product.

This is then shipped to your end customers. You will therefore earn by taking the difference from your customers purchase less your AliExpress buying price plus shipping

What Shipping Options are Available on AliExpress?

For your business to be successful, your shipping must be fast and reliable since it increases customer satisfaction. That said, AliExpress has two convenient shipping methods that you can use to drop ship

AliExpress ePacket Shipping

This is the best shipping available on AliExpress as products can reach customers fast and it offers worldwide shipping.Nevertheless,ePacket shipping can be unavailable to you at timesleaving you to look at other options.

AliExpress Standard Shipping

This is the next best choice, itoffers free shipping to your customers around the world but is not as fast as ePacket shipping.

What Payment Method are Available on AliExpress?

Payment methods on AliExpress are many. They will cover most of the customers you Dropship to. They include;

Bank transfers.

Debit/Visa /Credit Cards,


Western Union,


Web Money,



Debit cards

How to Set up Your Store?

Having understood how AliExpress drop shipping works, it’s time to get your store running. First, identify the products to sell. They;

  • Are unbranded- this helps you to avoid copyright infringement and avoid fakes.
  • Have ePacket free shipping.
  • Are from Suppliers with High ratings.
  • Low priced hence have high profits.

How to Find AliExpress Suppliers?

Select a supplier that has more star ratings. This proves that they provide a high quality good and ship fast.

How to Add Products to Your Store?

You can start adding products after getting suppliers. Make sure you write good product descriptions,offer reasonable prices and if possible, offer free shipping.This can be done by absorbing the shipping costs in the products prices.

Alternatively, you can use Oberlo to avoid manually adding your products from AliExpress. It automates the process

How to Use AliExpress Drop Shipping for Your Store?

A tool like Oberlo can help you keep track of price changes from suppliers on AliExpress. This is important when you start drop shipping to your customers.

To drop ship to your buyers, visit AliExpress and source the products from your Suppliers. Additionally, let them know that you are drop shipping to your customers so as to keep them from including invoices and promotions.

How to Ship & Fulfill Your Customers Orders?

Make sure you select ePacket shipping while filling shipping details. This will ensure a fast and reliable way for drop shipping to the customer. Equally important, ensure you get the tracking number to send to your customer.

Lastly, get on your store and fulfill the order.This is done by providing your customer with all the necessary information about their successful purchase.

How to Deal with Product Returns?

This is done when a customer complains about damaged products or being shipped a product not matching his/her request. The first step would be to contact the supplier and work out on whether you need to return, replace and/or refund.

If the two of you cannot resolve, you can invite AliExpress to mediate by using the “Open Dispute” feature on your AliExpress order page.

However, it is important to note some AliExpress suppliers don’t offer returns. In such a case, there exists an AliExpress Buyer Protection you can use.


Having taken you through the major steps of using AliExpress to drop, you can now open up a store and start earning online.


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