Earn Online from Transcription

Earn from Transcription

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How to Earn from Transcription?

How would you feel, if you get a job that does not require you to dress up, arrange Conveyance and go to office daily?

Yes, this is what we call the online job.

If Your listening skills of English language are good, you can get an online job of transcription.

What is transcription?

Well, it is just a type of data entry. You listen to a recording and type it in a document.

Types of Transcription

Transcription audio may consist of the legal conversation, medical, interview or the phone call recording. You can opt out, whichever you find the best. For the beginners, general transcription is better.

What You Need for Transcription?

To earn money online, being a transcriptionist, you need to have a computer, internet connection, good typing speed and command over English language. You can work as many hours as you want.

The deadline is generally 24 hours and good companies also pay bonus on the urgent projects.

The house wives can also do it at the ease of home. Those who get bored in the long days of summer, can work on a transcription project to be busy.

Is Transcription Easy to do?

No job is so easy that you need nothing to do and you earn $1000 per month. The online job has many benefits, but it does not mean that you can do it easily.

Like every genuine job, you need to work hard initially in the transcription, too.

Moreover, you need to be consistent, when you start a new job. You come across many difficulties.

Sometimes, the audio quality is very low and it is hard to hear. Sometimes, there is background noise and the conversation is not clear, you can avail the playback feature.

VLC media player is the best for hearing the audio. There are many useful software that you can use for transcription.

There may be interrupted audio in the conversation or you may not recognize the voice of a particular person, if the conversation is about many people.

Sometimes, you need to hear the audio, repeatedly. It may irritate you, if you are a beginner.

By the time, you will be used to. Take it a challenge, if you are serious about earning online. If you are a busy woman, you can give 3 to 4 hours at night.

If you want a break, you may stop getting the projects. The freelancers have a choice to switch from one project to another. It develops your interest and you do not get frustrated.

How much can You Earn Money Online from Transcription?

Generally, a transcriptionist can earn 15 to 35 USD from one hour of transcription. It may take 4 hours to transcribe one hour of audio file.

In the legal transcription, the payment is higher. For this, you should have good knowledge of the legal terminology. If you work more hours, the payment will be even more.

So, the best advantage is the flexibility of time and the ease of home.

You can sit anywhere and after downloading the file, you may transcribe it without using internet.

Where to Find Online Job?

You can pass the test of transcription on TranscribeMe . That audio is as short as of ten seconds. Upwork , Freelancer and Fiverr are also platforms to get the transcription projects.

You may also get Spanish and French transcription projects. Or it may involve the translation of audio file. The projects of transcription cum translation give you higher payment.

However, it depends on the requirements and nature of the project. Similarly, Quicktate is a platform, where you can pass a transcription test to take a start.

Other famous transcription websites are iDictate , Rev , Tigerfish , Crowdsurf , etc.

Don’t be jobless. Enjoy the transcription job and earn money online.


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