Buying and Selling Domains

Earn with Buying and Selling Domains

How to Earn with Buying and Selling Domains?

Earn with buying and selling domains is not a rocket science. Previously, we talked about what domains are. Also, we gave you some tips on how to buy valuable domains.

How do you sell the domain that you bought?

How can you estimate a reasonable price for the domain?

Keep on reading to learn how you can earn money from selling a domain.

How to Parking Domain?

Usually when someone buys a domain, they don’t have a website yet. Sometimes they buy a domain to sell later, just like what you are planning to do.

A landing page that might contain advertisements or a message is created. When someone searches for the domain name, the landing page is displayed. Briefly, that is what parking a domain means.

To park a domain, you need to register with a domain parking provider. Examples of domain parking providers are GoDaddy and Sedo.

How to Estimate the Price of Domain?

Estimating a price of a domain can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. We will provide you with some guidelines that will help you. The price of a domain depends on its:


Buyers prefer shorter names.


TLD, Top-Level Domains, are the most common. Domain names ending in suffixes like .com, .net and .org have greater value than names ending with other suffixes.


Potential buyers will appreciate a name that is a slang or short for a word in their language. Common catchy words increase the value of the domain.


Names that rank high in search engines will soar the value of the domain tremendously.

Traffic and Age

A domain name that is old and already has traffic adds a bonus value.

Age and traffic represent the rank of the domain name in search engines. As the age and traffic increase, rank in search engines increases.

There are some websites that can estimate the price of a domain. Based on these and some other factors, the website suggests a price. It will help you to understand the worth of your domain name.

Some of these websites are siteprice and freevaluator. You should check more than one website for price estimation. Don’t depend on just one. You can also check the prices of domains that are similar to your domain.

You will get a better understanding of your target market. You will also understand the price range of your potential buyers. To sum all that up, you will do three things.

From domain price estimation websites, set a price range for your domain.

Check the prices in your target market.

Decide on a price that is based on results from steps one and two. Sometimes, a price is put randomly; however, we don’t recommend that.

Now, you need to know where can you sell your domain name.

Where to Sell Domains?

You will need a domain auction site. You need to pick a trustworthy site to auction your domain. Pick a place with good ratings and positive reviews.

Sites like Sedo, GoDaddy, or AfterNic are good choices. Check their services, shoppers, and popularity. Check which one suits you best.

After registering with an auction site, auction your domain. Choose a certain time limit for bid submitting. Check the bids.

There is something you need to be careful about. The highest bid isn’t always the one you should choose. There are some things that should raise a red flag.

The potential buyer is offering a large sum of money without any negotiations.

The potential buyer is asking for the domain appraisal using a certain party.

The potential buyer isn’t clear about their payment method.

Confidently and cleverly, negotiate your way through the deal. Be clear and specific about your terms. So always have an exit plan in case of scam.

Earn with Buying and Selling Domains

Its time to start earn with buying and selling domains. The domains market is a fast-paced market. You will have to stay updated with the latest trends and changes.

Congratulates! You are now ready to enter the world of trading in domain names.

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