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Successful dealers know the ins and outs of a market and double the amount of the money  they earn with online trading.  With the easy accessibility of the internet, online stock markets are one of the means that  can help you earn money. Keep reading to know how to be successful in online stock  markets.

Let us go first over some terms that will help you understand how online stock markets  work. Next, we will discuss the tools that you need to start trading in the online stock  market.

Let us start with the terms' definitions.

What is a Stock?

A stock, also called a share, represents a claim on a company's assets and earnings. A  company divides its assets into a certain number of shares. These shares are then made  available for the public to buy and sell.

The company's capital, revenues and other factors determine the price per stock. As the  company becomes more successful, its stock's price increases. Since the stock's price increased, the generated revenues increase and shareholders gain money according to EPS, Earnings per Share.

What is a Stock Market?

A stock market is a network of buyers and sellers of companies' shares. Companies gain capital when investors buy a part of the ownership of the company, a stock.

Who is a Broker?

A broker is the communication link between companies and investors. A broker is the  person that buys and sells assets for others.  They help people to exchange stocks in the stock market in return for a commission rate or  fee. Usually, brokerage firms provide their customers with a trading software.

What is a Trading Software?

A trading software portrays the stock market online. Regularly, the software updates the  investors with the latest changes and prices. It demonstrates a live action of the market on  the internet.

Some well-known trading software are  MetaStock and eSignal.

So, how do you start investing in a stock market? You need to have these six things.

Strong trading and stock market background

"Knowledge is Power" – Francis Bacon

Expand your knowledge in this field. Learn the ropes of the market and use them to your  advantage. Investopedia is a good website that will help you sharpen your skills in the  market.

Risk capital

You need to have a sum of money that you can risk. If you end up losing it, it won't lessen  your financial status tremendously.

Computer and high-speed Internet connection

These two are necessary. They are the building blocks of your way to success in the stock  market. They are the means that help you stay connected to the stock market.

Online broker

A smart online broker is your ticket to success in the stock market. You need to check the  broker's commission rate or fee, services, and network. Pick one that suits your interests and goals.

Trading software

Trading software is the interface that you will use to make your deals. You need to be  comfortable using it. You will spend most of your time checking it for latest stocks' prices  and news.

Detective skills

You need to conduct a thorough research about a company before investing in it. Check  the company's earnings reports, future plans and exit strategy.

Connect with other traders

Stockwits is a social network that connects traders with each other. Check it out from time  to time and make new friends. Increase your social network to increase your resources for  latest news, updates, and advice.

Overall, you need to know that investing in the stock market isn't always a win situation.

You might lose some money and you might gain some money. You need to be well  prepared and patient.

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