Earn With YouTube

How To Earn with YouTube?

Life is going fast. Everybody is in a hurry. People have no time to read lengthy content.

Instead, they prefer to watch a short video clip.

That is why, earn with YouTube is getting popular. But, is it free to join?

Yes, it is. You can post as many videos on YouTube, free of cost, as you want. All you need

to do is make an account on YouTube to Earn with YouTube.

Prepare worth-watching videos, whether video lectures, courses, informative material or

any hot topic. People are interested to know about.

Follow these simple steps and your earning will start

Make a YouTube Channel

Creating an account on YouTube is as simple as on Gmail or Yahoo. You can access Google

Drive as well.

Now, what is a YouTube channel?

It is your own separate presence on YouTube. For this, go to the channel settings >>

Advanced, and place the targeted keywords in your channel.

Select an appropriate username, by which people will recognize you. You can edit it on the

g+ account.

Create Video and Upload

Upload your videos on a regular basis. There is much software that you can use for

preparing a great video.

Camtasia Studio is the best option to record a lecture in high quality YouTube supported

format. People will watch your videos and may post comments as a feedback.

Those who will like these videos may subscribe, so that they do not skip any new lecture or

piece of information, you record.  Select a suitable title, tag targeted keywords and add an

appealing description.

Build an Audience

The best content will assist you in building an audience. The visitors will watch the ads on

your videos and you will earn through it.

Spread your video link on social media as well, i.e. make posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Add it on your website, blog and also share with your friends and family.

Give an instant response to those, who comment on your video. Consider over the

suggestions and questions, people ask in the comments. Prepare next videos in response to

the suggestions.

This will add to your good reputation in the sight of the viewers that you are giving them

importance and not just making money.

Enable Monetization

Monetize the videos. It means that you let the YouTube place ads in it. By doing so, you

agree that you do not own its copyrights.

How to enable monetization option?

Well, first upload the video. Open the Video Manager. There, you will see the $ sign. Click

on it. Then, go to Monetization and check ‘Monetize with Ads’. That’s it.

Create Google AdSense Account

Go to the Google AdSense website and create your account by signing up, free of cost. Its

condition is to be 18 years old.

If you are under 18, get help from an adult. Enter your bank account details, so that you

receive money next to each ad clicked.

More the viewers, more the ads and ultimately, more the earning.

Keep Checking the Analytics

At this step, you have to keep checking the analytics in order to assess the performance of

your videos. It contains the details of your estimated earnings, number of views, ad

statistics and demographics, etc.

Be a YouTube Partner

If you monetize the videos and get a great response from the audience, this is the right

time to be a YouTube Partner. In this manner you may earn with youtube.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

Well, you can avail more tools, community support, regular tips and prizes. On getting

overall 15 thousand watch hours within the past 3 months on your YouTube channel,

YouTube gives this access.


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