Essential Plugins for Woocommerce

Top 10 Essential Plugins for Woocommerce

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Essential Plugins for Woocommerce

People belonging from an eCommerce industry would know that Woocommerce is one of the most prominent WordPress plugins. It is used to construct an online shopping platform. When you will setup an ecommerce store, then this question comes in your mind that what type of essential plugins for Woocommerce should add.

This plugin helps to combine all of the main features which are important in the process of creating an eCommerce site. If you desire that your plugin works perfectly you need to make sure to select a theme.

This theme should be a compatible theme with regards to WooCommerce. Once you have decided on the theme, you will be able to install the plugin which you require to create an online store.

Some plugins are quite useful for WooCommerce. We shall be discussing some essential plugins for Woocommerce.

We have gathered up some information that will help our readers to understand more about all the plugins, which are considered to be essential plugins for Woocomerce. This would help them in making their choices wisely.

Woocommerce Wallet System Plugin

For all those shops, who wish to provide some ease to their customers this is the perfect solution for them. Woocommerce wallet would allow the customers to deposit all the necessary funds into their account, request a refund and even earn some cashback.

This will automatically lead to a much easier platform for the customers as they would not need to keep any balance on hand.

On the other hand, this plugin would also enable the customers to make partial payments quite beneficial for costly items or items which require pre-booking.

Another most important feature that makes this plugin so important is that it allows the shop owner to add funds directly from the back-end to the user’s account. Some another alternate Wallet Plugin.

Ultimate Reports Plugin (Woocommerce)

This plugin enables the business owner to serve an extremely important need. It helps in generating various types of reports which makes it easier for the owner to keep a track of their sales record.

You will be able to view detailed reports for all product variations, coupon use, inventory, and taxes; moreover, you can also track your profits. This plugin will include around fifty-five+ reports included.

It will give the site admin options to export the reports in PDF, XLS and CSV formats. Due to all these features, it is considered one of the most essential plugins for Woocommerce. Public sales report is also a good option.

XL Woocommerce Sales Triggers Plugin

While this plugin does not end up creating a massive difference in the functionality but it does help in adding miniature details that help the site admin to drive sales.

The seven sales triggers which are included in these plugins are considered to be quite important for most of the eCommerce retailers.

Stock alert, the countdown timers and the potential saving action along with some other features such as; satisfaction rate, sale activity, best sellers and guarantees help in increasing customer confidence.

All of these things might be considered to be miniature but can end up leading to a major difference in the eCommerce site.

The Ultimate Rewards and Points Plugin (Woocommerce)

This plugin helps the site admin to set up a well-organized customer reward system. There are multiple ways through which you can reward your customers.

They can end up earning points or be eligible for rewards based on their referrals, signing up, purchases or posting comments.

The site admin will have the authority of assigning a cash value to the earned points. It can be redeemed by the consumer via coupon.

This plugin would allow the admin to set up the program. According to their specific needs, as there are multiple setting options which, they can use.

WooCommerce Products List Pro Plugin

As for many people, Woocommerce is exceptionally an amazing system by default. Its establishing customized product layout can help give a great boost to the UX.

This plugin would help you to design quite an appealing layout for your product listing that you will be able to customize according to your choice. You will have numerous choices for creating your customization list and filter all the products.

You will have the option to choose which products you want to add to your listing. The plugin would help in generating a short-code that you can use to display your list anywhere.

Product Variations Layout Plugin (Woocommerce)

Making custom formats one stride further, Woocommerce Product Variations Layouts makes variable items considerably more alluring.

Variable items require the client to choose choices – think about a T-Shirt with various measuring and shading alternatives.

Their default design comprises of exhausting old HTML select boxes. This module lets you show them in a progressively visual manner. You have options to choose from table, list, boxed or grid layout.

The outcome is better to ease of use and possibly better deals. This plugin has been used and reviewed by various developers who claim it to be quite beneficial.

Support Ticket System Plugin (Woocommerce)

If you’re running an online outlet, at that point you have to consider how you need to deal with client care. Woocommerce Support Ticket System is a shrewd module that incorporates both requests and clients with help tickets.

This plugin also includes Pay Per Ticket, which permits you to sell squares of help tickets for premium assistance.

Tickets can incorporate front-end designing utilizing TinyMCE and clients can even transfer connections. This plugin helps site admin to monitor customer care services much more efficiently.

Stock Synchronization Plugin for Woocommerce

Stock Synchronization for Woocommerce takes into account naturally syncing item stock from a source outside. This gives quite a lot of ease for shops that sell in different spots with similar stock.

Adjusting happens through a remote CSV record (Dropbox, Google Drive, and secret password ensured documents are upheld). You will have multiples options through which you will be able to set synchronization to help the site.

The synchronization can be set daily, on every two days basis or even at most of the time it can be set up on an hourly basis.

Bulk-Discount Plugin (Woocommerce)

Offering mass purchase discounts is an incredible method to make faithfulness. With Woocommerce Simple Bulk Discounts, business people can make custom rates or fixed mass discounts.

However, the user can customize the discounts offer according to their preference. You will also have an option to set the discount condition on a per-piece item.

Therefore, the other thing that this plugin offers to the site owners is to assign mass purchase discounts based on the customer’s role.

However, to explain it in much more detail, the site owner will be able to set up the plugin in a way that the mass discounts are only available to people who are registered. You can find some alternate here.

ARG Multistep Checkout Plugin (Woocommerce)

ARG Multi step Checkout for Woocommerce empowers you to alter and upgrade the checkout procedure. The multistep procedure can prove to be quite beneficial; for UX and can be altered to accomplish the look you need.

The selected design is responsive. It is also for tweaking. However, this plugin allows the site user to change the label text, the colors, and the button options quite easily.

If the website user wants to hide some specific steps; this plugin can assist them in hiding the steps they want to.

So, if you are aiming to enhance and make your eCommerce store much more appealing; then adding Woocommerce might be the perfect option for you.

It will give you various options to select from to add in more advance features; in your eCommerce site. If you want Multistep Checkout free WordPress plugin, check here.


However, the plugin’s that we have mentioned are some of the most essential ones that can be used for Woocommerce; apart from that there are others as well.

Therefore, Woocommerce extensions give you multiple options to choose from to find; the most perfect plugin that would fit according to your needs.

So don’t worry about what type of business or shop you are running; or what type of features you want to implement; Woocommerce extensions will have various options for you.

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