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Earn as Domain Reseller Online

Earn as Domain Resellerhow to Earn as Domain Reseller?

Earn as domain reseller, every business has an online identity to introduce their  product and services. For every website, having a unique name is definitely essential, just  like a person has an ID. This is called a domain name.

who is domain reseller?

Well, a domain reseller acts as a third party agent. He gets domain names  from a registrar and resells them to the website owners. Looking at the growing demand of the online presence, you can surely imagine that thousands of dollars, one can earn as a domain seller.

How can you become a domain reseller?

Well, it does not require any specific expertise. You can open a domain  name account following a few simple steps given below:

how to Choose the Reseller Plan?

So you need to choose the best suited reseller plan for this lucrative business. In the  beginning, you may want to select the basic plan. It all depends on how much your pocket  allows and how much profit, you aim to reap. You may move your business to a higher  plan, later.

how to Register as a Reseller?

After you have selected the plan, the next step is to register as a reseller. You must go  through the agreement and billing of the registrar. Provide the necessary business  information while signing up. You will get a Customer Reference Number ID (CRN) for this account.

how to Activate Reseller Account?

So now, your account is ready to activate. You have to make payment according to your selected plan, whether basic, silver or premium. Then, you will be able to book domain  names right away.

which Interface You choose?

Now, you are a registered domain reseller. What you need is to configure your selling  interface. The registrar companies provide an interface, so that you can use your unique  business logo. You can select a custom template from WHMCS. The most reliable template with a bundle of features like manage products, client area, support tools and billing.

Choose the selling services and set fee.

You can assess, how much margin there is in generating your sales. The registrar will  provide you a configuration guide free of cost, through which you can come to know about  the installation process.

how to Promote Your Business?

So now you have a reseller account. Hurray! Now You can earn money online. By selling  domain names to your clients. You have to advertise your business in order to promote it.

A sound SEO and the use of marketing tools, such as Paid ads on Google or Bing, will  enable you to get more traffic to your site. You can add testimonials to your website,  means, those who are satisfied with your reselling services give a positive feedback.

where to Get More Domain Names Extensions?

Once you understand this job, you can avail upsell and cross-sell chances and get more  extensions, for example, .com, .pk, .net, .uk, .tv, etc. Keep searching, which domain names  are sure to be successful.So pay attention to the customer needs. Provide the best technical  help all day and be ready all the time to resolve disruptions, if any.

In this modern era of technology, everyone is having smartphone.  You will surely jump with pleasure, if someone says, you can earn from Apps, as well.