upload videos to Youtube in 2021

How do I Upload Videos to YouTube in 2021?

Upload Videos to YouTube in 2021

You have your own channel. You picked a nice name, added a killer cover photo and profile photo, and wrote a fascinating description to upload videos to Youtube in 2021.

How do you get others to discover your, hidden gem, your channel?

Subscribers and uploaded videos are what your channel is missing. You need them to deliver your message. As the numbers of views increase on your videos, your revenues increase.

First, we will discuss the magic tricks behind uploading a video to YouTube. Afterwards, we will tell you how to turn viewers into subscribers to your channel.

How to Upload Videos on Youtube?

After signing in your channel, you need to do the following to successfully upload videos on YouTube.

Click upload

Pick a way to share your videos with the world

There are five ways in which you can upload a video:

Your computer

Google Photos

Stream live to your subscribers

Use YouTube video editor

Create a photo slideshow

Finalize your video’s details

Add a name that will make viewers play your video. Write a description that summarizes what the video is all about. Add tags that are related to your video.

Tags will spread your video to your targeted audience. And, don’t forget to set the privacy of your video.

Check the translations and advanced settings tabs. There are a bunch of features that you can set for your video.

The Done Button

After the uploading bar reaches 100% and you are satisfied with everything, click the Done button. You just did it. You shared your video with the world.

Check out the next part to know how to make your views number not a zero anymore.

How to Increase Your Views Number?

On the Internet, anything can happen. A video can go viral due to pure luck or creativity and hard work. You need to take in consideration some things.

Original Content

Your videos should be original. They should be your own work. Your videos represent you and tell people who you are as a person.

They are your reputation on YouTube. Make sure you have a good reputation.

Target Right Audience

Sit down with yourself and decide on the type and age of your audience.

Are you targeting kids from ages 5 to 9?

Are you targeting working moms who don’t have enough time to cook?

Keep on asking yourself questions. According to your target audience, you will customize your videos. You will use certain special effects, words, colors, languages…etc.

Organized Videos

Before uploading your video, you should make sure that your video is chronologically logical.

It flows smoothly from one point to another. It is clear and correctly delivers the idea and message that you want.

Confused viewers probably won’t interact with your video. Take care of that.

Well Edited Videos

There is much software that you can use to cleanly edit your video.

If you don’t know how to use one of those, YouTube video editor is full of ton of features.

Plus, it is free, easy, and simple to use.

Name and Description

The video’s name and description are the first things a viewer see when they find your video.

Name and description should relate to the content that is in your video. Make sure that they are catchy.


Tags will help you to reach the specific people you are targeting.

People, who are interested in the tag’s topic that you put, will most probably find your video.

Social Media Networks are Your Messengers

You can reach a larger audience range by sharing your videos on other social networks.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are social networks that have many users.

Sharing your videos on them will increase the number of people who will discover your channel. Feel free to use any social network that you feel will help you.

How do I Upload Videos to YouTube in 2021?

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