How do You Advertise a Game

How do You Advertise a Game?

How do You Advertise a Game?

In today’s world, games are accessible by all of us, through our cell phone, tablet, computer, television and other gadgets. The dilemma is that in a competitive market how do you advertise a game?

YouTube shows a lot of ads regarding new games. However, these advertisers are paying them for advertising. These big games developers have a lot of budgets and get advertisement through blogs and publication as well.

As a new game developer, you may not have a lot of budget for big-time advertising, but there are plenty of other ways that you can use to advertise your game. The most important thing that you must do is start as early as possible.

The moment your game has a look that can be represented in front of the audience, you should know that it is time to begin advertising. Once your game fully develops, you can move on towards producing trailers and demos.

Reaching out early is important, as it helps in establishing relationships with influencers. Even though you have developed a high-quality game, but if you don’t make the right moves to promote it, you will not get any downloads as no one will know about it.

Here is a list of things that you should do to get downloads and rankings, (and of course earnings too):

Get in Touch with Influencers

Social media influencers play an important role when we talk about advertising a game. Every successful game is backed by social media influencers.

Unfortunately, many game developers do not find an influencer with whom they can work with and face a loss.

What you need to do is reach out to influencers that have an audience that is suitable for your game’s content. For example, if your game is for 8th standard boys and girls then you must look for an influencer who is followed by that age group.

There are two kinds of influencers; large-scale influencers and small-scale influencers. Look for smaller influencers as they would truly value you as a client.

You can look for influencers through these platforms:

Make a Promo Video

By creating a promotional video for your game, you will be able to showcase your game in just a few seconds. It has to be just a demo video which shows the best part of your game.

Submit the Game to Social Curation Website

The third thing that you need to do is to present your game on a social curation website. One such site is Product Hunt. It is a platform where all the innovative app, games and products are featured.

When you will submit your game, it would get up-votes. This would help your game get to the games category or even get featured on the home page.

This would help you get more downloads and rankings.

Develop a Social Media Presence

In today’s era, having a social media presence is very essential. If you have developed a game which you want popularity for, then you must be on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

These are platforms from where you can attract your potential customers. You can do this by tweeting and retweeting tweets, following them and liking them.

These actions bring value to your game as well as help interact with people who might be interested in your game. A strong following is very is very important to attract customers.

Join Groups on Social Media

You are lucky to belong in an era where social media has its own perks, especially when you are looking for ways to advertise a game.

There is lot of relevant social media group which you must join as a game developer. These would help in increasing your game’s exposure.

Such groups are present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and Reddit.

Here are some names of popular groups that you could join on Facebook:

  • Game Developer’s Promotions for Gamers
  • Promote your Games Android & IOS/& Exchange Review
  • GameMarketeers
  • Indie Games Advertising

These groups would also help you get feedback on your game, so that you can improve it later.

Cross- Promotes Your Game

If you have other apps and games, cross- promotion is the best thing that you could do. This would help you target your potential users.

This means that an application which is free and which does not have a revenue model can be used as a means for cross- promotion for your money-making applications.

For cross promotion, your website can also be used. For your existing game users, you could always cross promote by sending push notifications. However, make sure they are relevant.

If this is your first game as a developer, reach out to other developers who have games and have the same target audience.

You can always offer a cross-promote partnership as it would be in favor of you both.

Develop a Simple Website

If you are still worried on how do you advertise a game, it is easy. If the above steps seem hard, this one would be simple.

Create a website for your game. Make is unique, easy to read and scan and informative. Such a website will easily integrate most of your online promotional materials.

Make sure you add the following elements:

  • Screenshots and key features
  • Social media buttons and links
  • Press kit
  • Mobile-optimization
  • Testimonials, reviews, and awards
  • Supported platforms
  • Fame name and icon
  • Game sales pitch
  • Promo video
  • Support contact info
  • Links to your other games

Add these elements and your website would be up to the mark.

Create a Blog

Blogs are an excellent source of advertisement. The moment you create your own website, the next thing that you have to do is create your blog.

Through a blog you will be able to post the latest news about your game. Users would be attracted to your game indirectly due to your blog.

Make the blog articles fun and creative. These would lead people to your game. The more articles you share, the more people will view your game.

Submit Your Game to Multiple Stores

Another thing that you must keep in mind when you are searching for ways to advertise a game is to target multiple platforms. The more the merrier.

For example, if your game is running on Android then you must consider submitting on other stores well, such as the Google Play Store. This would help you generate a steady growth of users.

Some other app markets are:

  • Amazon
  • 1 Mobile
  • Mobango
  • App Brain
  • Xiaomi

Get Reviews for Your Blog and Website

Last but not the least, reviews for your blogs and websites are an excellent source of advertising your game. Platforms like Medium can be used to host a press release kit and pitch to spread your message throughout.

Such platforms are looking for new games and applications to talk about. What you need to do is to make your email which is written to them interesting that they are pressurized to try out your game and write about it.

Here are some platforms that would help you generate a press release:

  • com


As a game developer, you must be worried about getting enough downloads and rankings, as you are of course waiting to earn through it. You must be concerned about “how do you advertise a game?

There are many ways to advertise a game, however, the simplest are listed above. As a newbie game developer, you may want it to be easy and simple yet effective.

By following the above steps, you will be successful in earning through your game. Also, your game will get the popularity it deserves through the above platforms.

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