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How do You Get Paid for Searching the Web?

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Get Paid for Searching the Web

Web research is very vast field. We also call it Internet research. This is indeed an interesting and authentic way of earn money online. Data over the internet is same, but everyone cannot access it. Have you ever thought, How do you get paid for searching the web?

Research Skills

This is because the research skills of an experienced and qualified person are different from an average user and one could get paid for searching the web through his expertise.

What You Need for this Job?

Just like other online jobs, you need a computer and internet for web research. You have a flexible schedule according to your free time. You can commit to work as a researcher for four hours or more.

What are Company Needs?

Different companies need some data for their professional purpose.

For example, a company needs the record of all schools in New York. They will provide you an excel sheet or Google spreadsheet. There will be specific fields to fill data in.

You will find the relevant information and deliver the project on completion. It depends on the company, whether they hire you on hourly basis or a fixed salary. The task may be project based or permanent.

Where You can Find Work?

You will find a lot of Upwork clients and agencies in need of web researchers. Even, sometimes, they have all the information and you just have to search the emails. But, you may not find the emails easily.

You might have to contact the companies/schools (of which data is in the file) for their email addresses. If your qualification is related to computer or some technical field, that is an added advantage. You will learn web research very soon.

Which Work You have to do?

Some companies may provide you an audio or Spanish document of their software requirement specification. They will ask you to translate it into English and also draw the architecture diagram, etc.

Where to Find Work?

There are several online platforms, where you can find the projects of web research, such as olx, ask , indeed , wonder , fiverr , etc. Upwork and freelancer are the most trust- worthy sites for such projects.

If some agency contacts you for the research job, you can check their Upwork profile. They are reliable, but pay less than upwork, because they keep a certain commission on each project, e.g. DigIT, etc.

On olx and Craiglist , you have to be extra careful about scam. If a client asks you for some advance fee, never do any project for him. They get the money and disappear.

Is Your Payment Secure?

This is a job, in which you get the payment. It is not a course that requires you to pay fee. The rates of research projects depend upon the client. Some companies pay 5 USD per hour, while some have lump sum payment of 100 USD. More the technical task, more they pay.

When Your Income Increased?

The agencies and freelancing sites increase the rate after getting satisfied with your work. Gradually, you have positive feedback from many clients. It makes your profile very strong. Later, with the passage of time, they can double the rate. So, you have a chance to earn $1000 per month, if you are consistent in working hard.

Which Payment Platform is Safe?

Better is to get payment through the freelancing site. This is safer side. Some workers ask for direct payment. The client may do some fraud with you. The freelancing sites guarantee to get you paid by the client, whether it is hourly job or fixed.

Why Saving Data is Better?

If you are using a PC for web research project, make sure, you save data after every 5 minutes. You can set auto saved feature as well. Many freelancers are careless in saving.

Hence, they sometimes lose data, they entered in the file. Always try to work on time. Even some clients pay the bonus to those workers, who submit the file well before time.

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