WooCommerce Help to Make Money

How does WooCommerce Help to Make Money?

WooCommerce Help to Make Money

It seems like an easy idea to monetize your WordPress site with an eCommerce plugin. People think of eCommerce as online stores which sell products and nothing more. Does WooCommerce Help to Make Money?

It can either be some local shop that sells ordinary products online or it can be a large popular retailer. But there is much more to the idea of eCommerce and it is much broader. If you look up in your dictionary then you will see the definition of eCommerce as

“The commercial transactions which are conducted electronically on the internet.”

By setting up an online store to sell products that you ship to your customers is just a beginning. WooCommerce can do much more.

Ways that how does WooCommerce help to make money?

By Selling Professional Services with WooCommerce

By using WooCmmerce, you can sell virtual products online. It may include any service you want to sell. It may be consulting, coaching, or something more specific like massage therapy or web designing.

Services Through Flat Packages Rates

If you sell any of your services on a flat package rate then you can easily set them as products. It can be anything from some massage services options you want to offer or levels of web designing packages.

It has another advantage that with plugins like WooCommerce Product Add-Ons, you can offer la carte services as well. For Example, if you are selling a web design package, at the same time you can upsell some services as well. Like the training, maintenance, or other services.

Clients Booking

Another way to earn money by WooCommerce plugin is that you can give the potential or existing customers the chance to book time with you. It can be both, online or physical.

In this way, it covers a large scope of services which include various kinds of hourly offerings. For Example, a trainer or a consultant can sell blocks of time ranging from one to four hours. Or you can have a rental unit which can be purchased hourly, daily, weekly or for much longer periods.

The WooCommerce Booking Plugin can be used for this purpose. It is easy to find the one plugin which suits your time or needs and works efficiently with WooCommerce.

Digital Downloads

Another easy way is using WooCommerce for digital downloads and selling them. It is best when you are already using WooCommrce to sell other products or services.

Leverage Affiliate Marketing

This section describes how does WooCommerce help to make money on WordPress by affiliate marketing. It serves to fill a specific need. It works in a way that when you are using WooCommerce, you can create external or affiliate products.

Then you can add that product to your site by providing any information as you want. It works the same as if you are selling the product yourself. This function allows you to link to an external link.

It has an edge in a way that instead of just a simple link, you can create a complete product page. Through that, you can give every detail about the product to your potential customers. It lessens the chance of them going on other sites for purchase.

If you use a WooCommerce extension of Product Retailers, it becomes more programmed. It then allows you to add multiple links to a single product. It is beneficial in a way that by doing this, you are giving your customers the privilege to choose from different sites through which you are affiliated.

If you give your customers options like these, you are offering them the opportunity of options and choice. They can choose according to their budget website preference or both.

By Selling Workshop and Event Tickets

There a lot of popular event calendar’s which work with WooCommerce. You can sell the tickets for those events on WooCommerce. You can sell the standalone tickets for some other functions or workshops as well. It is another choice for WooCommerce Help to Make Money.

By Offering Sponsorship or Advertising Packages

Whether you sell advertising on your site or you run a podcast. It is very easy to set up a product page for these kinds of packages using WooCommerce. Another thing you can do is that you can integrate a plugin of form to collect the additional information.

When someone will purchase it they will have to fill the form. Or you can redirect them as well to a page after someone purchases to submit the additional information.

By Asking for Donations

You can use a WordPress plugin to collect donations as well. You can ask for donations for a cause or any other thing as well. What you offer on your site, you can ask for donations for that content as well. You can add multiple options of the amount with the plugin for the donor to choose what they want to donate.

Through Leverage Dropshipping Services

Dropshipping is a fulfillment model which allows the consumers to buy the product individually from the wholesaler. Then the product is shipped directly to the customer. It is an online selling strategy which many online retailers use.

It is an advantage in a way that you do not have to purchase the item yourself. You will not have the stress of managing a large inventory as well. WooCommerce has an extension which allows you to offer the dropshipping services.

It is a major opportunity which proves to be quite beneficial. To use WooCommerce to run an online store, leveraging other monetization strategies and educating your buyers. With just a little experimentation and knowledge, you can learn to how WooCommerce help to make money on WordPress.

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