Create a Youtube channel

How to Create a Youtube Channel?

Create a Youtube Channel

Videos are one of the means that humans use to communicate. We, as humans, like visually appealing things. This is one of the reasons why videos on the Internet became so popular. Create a Youtube channel is not difficult but it need attention.

They became so popular that nowadays they are used to earn a living. We will talk about one of the biggest video hosting websites, YouTube.

We will show you how you can use YouTube to earn money?

What is YouTube?

Definitions make everything simpler so, first we will define YouTube. Founded in 2005, YouTube is a video-sharing website. In 2006, Google bought YouTube.

Ever since, YouTube’s video technology and services have developed. 3D videos and 360° videos are some of the features that took the internet by a storm.

YouTube allows people to create a channel and upload videos on that channel for the world to see.

It also provides video editing tools that Youtubers use to make their videos more visually appealing.

What Is a YouTube Channel?

A YouTube channel is the homepage of a user’s account.

It contains the user’s information, channel’s description, uploaded videos, created playlists, liked videos, subscriptions and much more.

You can customize the channel by adding a cover photo and a profile picture and controlling your privacy.

You can upload tutorial videos, vlogs, animations, etc… on your channel. It is up to you to decide the theme and content of your channel. The sky is the limit.

Let us move to the next part that will put you on the right path to earn money using a YouTube channel. First, you need to create a YouTube channel.

How Do You Start Your YouTube Channel?

You will need a Gmail account. It is simple as that. Check the following steps to learn how

to start and customize your channel.

Get access to a channel

If you already have a Gmail account, you can skip this step. Just sign in YouTube using your Gmail account.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one. Creating a Gmail account is easy. It should take you a couple of minutes.

Now that you are signed in, let us get into the next step.

Make a channel that reflects you

It is time to customize your channel. Once you sign in YouTube, you can access your channel by clicking on My Channel in the left column in the page.

Your YouTube channel name should appropriately relate to the videos you will upload.

Usually, the channel name is the same as the Google+ name. You can edit your channel name.

To do that, first click your icon. Then, click on YouTube settings.

In Overview, click Edit on Google that is next to your channel name. Update your channel name. Finally, click ok.

Add a cover photo that represents you and the content you provide in your channel. Pick a profile picture that is memorable and related to your channel’s theme.

Don’t forget the channel’s description. Write a one of a kind description. It is one of the first things that someone sees when they check your channel.

The channel’s description should clearly highlight your channel’s theme and the purpose.

Grab the viewer’s attention.

Write a description that makes viewers remember you that they come back to check your channel.

YouTube Terms of Service are your guidelines

You should always abide to them whenever you upload a video. Also, you should check License and rights ownership on YouTube.

They will give you a clear understanding of how copyrights and ownership work on YouTube. Now, you know how you can start a channel on YouTube.

How to Upload Videos on Youtube?

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