Earn from Logo Designing

How to Earn from Logo Designing?

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Earn from Logo Designing

Earn from logo designing is a killer way to earn online. A logo is a type of graphics that represents a company name. The trends and strategies of business industry have changed to a great extent.

Nowadays, every business entity has to make an online presence, too. That is why, a logo is mandatory for every type of business.

New and new demands of the business concerns provide an opportunity to the job seekers.

Logo designing is one of them.

How can You Learn Logo Designing?

To earn $1000 per month being a logo designer, you do not need to be highly qualified. Though a good qualification adds to the skills, but more preferable is that you should be creative minded.

There are a lot of designing software, you can download easily, for example, Corel Draw, Photoshop , etc.

If you have no experience in the logo designing, you can learn from tutorials and YouTube videos.

Where to Get the Projects?

Learning is not as difficult as finding the project after getting expertise. For this, you can join any freelancing website, such as Upwork , Freelancer , Fiverr .

Digital forums are also a good platform to get logo designing offers.

Nowadays, there are a number of websites that give you many ideas of a single logo online. With the help of tools for the logo creation, you can make a brilliant logo.

These logo tools are free and available online.

Which Type of Logo You are Going to Design?

The below mentioned tips will help you in designing a full fledged logo. First of all, you need to analyze the mood of the company.

Food related organizations want some playful logo, like McDonald , CPK. Curvy font is best for such companies.

Which Logo IT Companies Use?

IT companies want a professional logo. For this, the font can be Straight. The IT logo is of blue color. It is the sign of prosperity.

Which Logo Motor Companies Use?

Motor companies prefer a logo font, that is in contrast with the shape and color. You can explore the logos of existing motor companies, such as BMW.

What is Most Important while Logo Designing?

A logo should depict the history of the organization. It definitely requires creativity and expertise.

The blue & white four quadrants in the logo of BMW show that they were used to manufacture aircraft engines in the first world war.

Is Every Color its Own Meaning?

Each color depicts a meaning. So, the choice of color while designing a logo is immensely important. White is for purity, black for power, red for passion, orange for energy, yellow for happiness, green for nature, purple for royalty and blue color is for prosperity.

How to Design a Logo in Photoshop?

If you are going to design a logo using Photoshop, draw a rough sketch on a paper. Then select the size of the document.

Make it 5” wide, 5” high and 300 px resolution. RGB (Red,Green & Blue) image may not be as clear as an image in the CMYK ( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key(Black) mode.

When you zoom the image, Make sure it is not blur.

Which Tool is Better for Logo Designing?

Design the logo with the help of pen tool or brush tool. The former creates sharp and better results, while the latter uses a path and layer. Later on, the alteration is easy by selecting that particular path and layer.

What are Short Keys?

CTRL + T is a short key for resizing the image. For the duplicate layer, right click and flip it. The options will appear, flip horizontal, flip vertical, rotate, scale, skew, warp, perspective, etc.

For adding effects, there are blending options. Stroke option is commonly used. The color changing options are hue/saturation, brightness, contrast, balance, etc.

Where to Save Design?

Finally, save your logo in psd and jpg format. You can make changes in the psd file, even after. So, become a logo designer and earn money at home. If Your Upwork profile has rejected many times, don’t worry.

We will help You to pass Your Upwork Profile.

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