Earn Money as Online Seller

How to Earn Money as Online Seller?

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Earn Money as Online Seller

Earn money as online seller is ideal for everyone. No hassle to wake up early, dress up, miss breakfast. Then, rush to get the transport. Work 8 hours consecutively and still make small money! Oh! It is really hectic.

But how to be online seller with no worries? One of the best options for home based jobs is to earn with the sale products. The sense of freedom and autonomy has a separate taste.

Here’s a complete step by step guide on how to sell products online, i.e.

Being an Affiliate or Marketing Agent

An affiliate acts as a online seller through ads. He does not own the product at hand, whereas as a marketing agent sells the products of a specific company. This is known as Direct Sales or MLM (Multi Level Marketing).

The choice is up to you. However, you must know that, As an affiliate, the best idea is to do it as a side business. For example, you are running a blog on education and jobs, you may do the affiliate marketing of related books and study material.

MLM is the best option for those, who have enough selling experience. An affiliate has to spend less time for the work and he gets, comparatively, a lower ratio of profit than a marketing agent.

Select Company and Products

For earning a commission from the sale products, you have to select the company carefully. Make sure, it is renowned, good at paying and has positive reviews. Some of the trustworthy and successful companies are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Etsy.

At this step, you have to decide which product is the best to sell. A good product is the one that you are well-familiar with. Ask yourself:

Do you know about the quality of the product?

Is the product useful and in demand nowadays?

Is it light-weight?

Are you ready to handle the claims, if it has a warranty?

Go Through the Company Quota

You have to go through the company quota before you start working with,

Are there any startup charges taken by the company?

What are the transaction charges?

What are the terms and conditions of sales, such as commission percentage, penalties, etc.

Approach the Customers

Start from your friends and family. Market in a way that does not look like formal marketing. If they are interested, then go ahead. Own a website to let the people know about your products. Make impressive posts on social media sites, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn, etc.

An old, yet good idea is to visit people for introducing your product. Many people will show your interest, just because you are with the product on their doorstep. Find the related marketplaces and hit the iron, when it is hot.

Build Your Repute

If you get success in building your goodwill in a short time span, you are a good reseller.

For this:

Respond to the queries of the customers, promptly and be available for them 24 hours.

Communicate gently. Understand their requirements.

Learn from the negative reviews.

Make sure, the product reaches the customers, timely.

Ask the regular customers for referrals, i.e. to build a network or a chain of the buyers so,

they can spread your word to their community.

So hire more sellers in order to increase your sales.

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