Earn Money on Instagram

How to Earn Money on Instagram?

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Earn Money on Instagram

Having earned a large number of followers you need to know how to earn money on Instagram using your account. Here are the ways.

Use Affiliate Marketing

You can promote products on Instagram and get paid when people purchase through your affiliate links. On Instagram, create and post high quality and attractive images which showcase products.

The links can be posted as captions or in your bio. Notably, you can use Bitly to shorten the links. Some companies that support affiliate marketing on Instagram include;

  • Sharebates
  • Stilinity
  • Ebates
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon
  • RewardStyle

Create Sponsored Posts for Brands

If you have a lot of followers and your posts get a lot of engagements, you can look for sponsors to promote. You can post the sponsor’s products in videos and photos to promote them hence earn money.

Further more, make sure your posts are authentic. Popular tools for searching for content to promote and linking with sponsors are Ifluenz and Tapinfluence. Importantly you need to declare them as sponsored using a hashtag.

Promote Your Products & Business

If you own a business you can promote it on Instagram, similarly you can post the products you sell and attract people to your ecommerce sites. The type of photos you can use to promote and sell your products include.

Use Instagram for Giveaways & Exclusives

By having giveaways, you attract large audiences that want to win the prizes. This leads to many people knowing about your products when the giveaway is shared wide.

Posting exclusive pictures of upcoming products will attract buyers who never knew about the product before. Additionally, they inform your customers on newer products that they should expect.

Use Your Customers Photos

You can get your customers to post products they buy from you and expand your reach. Additionally you can create your own hashtags that relates to your products.

Behind the Scene Photos

People love the uniqueness and access to unedited images and videos. They are hugely popular on Instagram and posting them will increase your products sales.

Think of the excitement that you get when a movie plays some filming clips at the end. Your customers feel more involved in your products from creation to reaching the market. Therefore, they are more likely to buy.

Use Instagram to Sell Your Photos

If you are a photographer you can showcase your work on Instagram and get people to buy your photos. Selling details can be included in your captions.

Further, you can add a watermark to protect your work. Instagram can attract individual buyers besides agencies who can offer you good contracts.

Get Influencers to Promote Your Products

If you have access to friends or family members who are influencers you can use them to recommend and post your products on Instagram. This will lead you to getting more sales and earnings through Instagram.

Sell Your Instagram Account

If you have multiple Instagram accounts or you want to move away from Instagram, you can sell your account and make money. For your account to be worth selling it must have a lot of followers and have a lot of engagements.

Which Instagram Tools can be Used to Manage & Earn from Your Account?

There are various apps that help you automate most Instagram features that lead to you making money and promoting you brand. Some of the most popular ones include.


It allows you to post high quality images from other accounts while crediting original owners.


It is allows busy marketers toschedule their posts.


It enables you to post inspirational messages and quotes hence keeping your followers engaged.


It provides you with statistics about your posts such as likes, comments and most liked photos among others.

How can You Find Brands & Sponsors to Work With?

To be able to earn through posting sponsored posts, you need to find businesses that can work with you. This can be achieved through

  • Pitching to sponsors directly if you have a large audience
  • Brands can also reach out to you if you have many followers
  • Joining influencers’marketplaces.

However, you must declare sponsored posts by using the hashtag sponsored.


Having gone through this guide, you can now earn money on Instagram. With this in mind, make sure you first put effort into getting followers.


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