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How to Earn Online as Search Engine Evaluator?

Earn Online as Search Engine Evaluator

Its easy to earn online as search engine evaluator. Take a deep look on this information and You will able to do this. Google, Bing , Yahoo ! These are the search engines that show you the result of your query.

What is Necessary for this Job?

You may have an idea of the SEO , due to which some sites appear on the first page of a search engine. But sometimes, the result is quite wrong.

In fact, all the search engines, including Google , use complicated algorithms for the exact results, you want. For example, you enter your email ID in Google search bar.

All the links, where you added your email ID on public, will appear before you. But the result is not always correct. Sometimes, it is full of errors.

Is Always Google Algorithm Right?

Algorithms, definitely cannot take place of a human. So, the search engines need human force to filter the results according to the quality, correctness and relevance.

When the search engine evaluators provide them with useful results, they input those results and improve the algorithms again.

If you are interested in becoming a search engine evaluator, you can make money online through this job. Here’s how!

Will You Paid Hourly?

First of all, you will sign a non disclosure agreement. That means, you are responsible for revealing the specific information only and they will pay you for it. Some companies are paying around 12 to 15 USD per hour.

Is this Job Part Time or Full Time?

You act as an independent contractor. But you are not a full time or part employee.

Should You Prepare for Tests?

For this job, you will need to quality a few tests. They are not tough, but unpaid and will take your time. They can also arrange a telephonic interview with you before hiring.

Where to Apply?

You can apply as a search engine evaluator on Leapforce , Lionbridge and Appen Butler Hill . Remember, there is no payment of work during the training period, whether you work for hours. It is unpaid.

If you want to work for Google, they will call you an ads quality rater. You will clear the unnecessary searches and perform the same task as of the algorithms.

Another such platform is ZeroChaos .

Will You Get Job Direct from Google?

Google will not give you this job directly. There are certain companies that hire on its behalf. But they demand good qualification, research skills and analytical abilities.

What About English Skills?

They also want you to be proficient in English language. So, you must have a great command on English grammar. This is because most of the search engines are English based.

If you are confident that you will qualify, then apply fast. Welcome to the world of evaluation.

How Much Hours You have to Work?

Earning online, working a few hours, staying at home and receiving the payment!

It is surely a great thing. Your knowledge increases and you learn much more. You do not get bored doing this job.

You can spare as many hours as you want. If you have no time some day, do not work.

If you have enough time someday work for many hours.

How the Company will Track Your Work?

There is a time tracker, you must use while working. It records what you are doing and how many hours you worked. They pay accordingly. You can log in for ten minutes. Then take a break. Again, join the work and continue. No pressure of deadline.

Is Your Presence Necessary?

Sometimes, work is short and you have to wait for the jobs. So, If you are available, the work may not be there. If work is available, you may not be.

What About Payment?

Payment may be late. It is not that you send the monthly invoice and the same day, get the payment. It may take weeks, but overall, it is a legal job and sooner or later, the payment is certain.

Initially, it may be tiresome for you to work on the computer screen for hours. But you can limit your sessions.

The virtual assistant is just like a personal secretary, only the difference is that you make money online.

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