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How to Earn with Premium Domains in 2021?

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Let’s Start to Earn with Premium Domains in 2021

Premium domain names are those names which are short, easy to remember and in famous TLD’s like in .Com, .Net or Org. Earn with premium domains is not difficult now a days. Just you need to understand what are premium domains.

How Many Types of Domains are?

There are two type of domains.

Simple domain name

Premium domain name

What is Simple Domain Name?

Simple domains are those domains which are available in regular prices.

For example, when you search a domain on any registrar ( we recommend Hosting Clown), if it is in .com TLD and it is available, its price will be $9.88. This is regular price.

More regular prices of different TLD’s are .net in $11.98, .org $10.98, .info $3.98, .biz $5.98, and .co.uk $7.98. Domains that can be bought with these TLD prices are simple or fresh domain names.

Simple domains have no traffic. We have to buy simple domain name then we need web hosting and in last we launch a website. After it we have to spend lot of time and money to lure traffic on that website.

We have to spend more than $1000 on off page SEO and backlinks. After 6 to 8 months our website get on Google 1st page ranking and it starts online earn with adsense or other affiliate marketing programs.

What is Premium Domain Name?

Premium domain names are those names which are short, easy to remember and in famous TLD’s like in .Com, .Net or Org.

Premium domains have already traffic but there prices are high. These domains have high value keywords. Keyword means those words which are highly search on Google.

Often premium domains consists of 1, 2, or 3 easy words.

Easy words can remember easily. Premium domains can be on .com, .net, org, .info, and .biz. A .com premium domain name’s price start from $10 to 1 million US dollar.

In some cases it is more than 1 million$. Like in 2010 carinsurance.com sold with the price tag of $49.7 Million $. More valuable premium domains are as below:

Premium Domains                   Price                       Year

Insurance.com $35.6 million 2010
VacationRentals.com $35 million 2007
PrivateJet.com $30.1 million 2012
Voice.com $30 million 2019
Internet.com $18 million 2009
360.com $17 million 2015
Insure.com $16 million 2009
Fund.com $9.99 million 2008
Sex.com $14 million 2005
Sex.com $13 million 2010
Hotels.com $11 million 2001
Porn.com $9.5 million 2007
Shoes.com $9  million 2017
Porno.com $8.8 million 2015
Fb.com $8.5 million 2010
We.com $8 million 2015
Business.com $7.5 million 1999
Diamond.com $7.5 million 2006
Beer.com $7 million 2004
Z.com $6.8 million 2014
iCloud.com $6 million 2011
Israel.com $5.8 million 2008
Casino.com $5.5 million 2003
Slots.com $5.5 million 2010


Yes! It is true. Above premium domains sold in million dollars and now they are making million dollars every day.

But premium domains prices are not only in millions, it can be in hundred dollars. Its the matter of traffic and keywords, which users search in Google.

You will better under stand with this example, if you want to get insured, your first step will be to know which is better insurance company?

When you will search for insurance, first of all insurance.com will come on top of Google search page. In that example word insurance is keyword, so keyword related domains are more valuable and trafficked.

Here are some more premium domains with good traffic.


Delicious spot is 2 word domain name. Very easy to remember. Traffic on this domain name is 1000 visitors daily. It is best for Food Recipe’s. You can start a blog on this premium domain. More you can start an online store where you can sell sweets.

Its price as compare to name is nominal, only $1400. If you want to earn thousands of dollar buy this domain instantly.


Dtfferent Article is 2 word domain name. High traffic domain name as high as 1200 visitors a day. Its price is $1500.

Start your own blog on different types of articles, link it to Google Adsense and start online earn.


Knowledge Ease is very short and easy to remember. 1000 visitors a day with the price of $1400.

Informative blogs are highly trafficked blogs. Almost everyone wants to know new things so knowledge base blogs are very useful.


Different Topic is 2 word domain name. 800 visitors visits this premium domain daily. Its price is $1350.

Best for blogs which have not only one topic. If you cover more than one topic it is easy to get many types of traffic. After starting blog, link it with Google Adsense where you can make money.


Movies Speed is best for those who wants to start there movie blog or online movie watch website. In a blog you can give reviews of new movies or upcoming.

Large number of audience keen to know about new movies. Simple premium 2 word domain name with 700 visitors daily.

This domain price is $1200.


Three words domain name with 1500 visitors a day makes it very attractive for those who wants to provide service related to web.

It can be web designing,web development, game development, graphic designing or any other.

Price of this premium domain is $2000.


Fitness Tips Today is highly search keyword. Fitness blogs have large audience. Almost every person wants to get smart and dashing.

Fitness blogs cover most important topics like health and general fitness. People from every corner of the world rely on that kind of blogs to know fitness tips.

This premium domain is three word with 500 visitors daily. Price of this domain is $700.

Where to Buy these Premium Domains?

You can buy these premium domains by sending mail to [email protected] or inform us in comment section.

How to Earn with Premium Domains?

If you want to earn with premium domains you can do it in two ways. First buy this domain name and keep it for some duration.

After some 4 to 6 months place that domain in auction. There are many websites which do domain auction business, some big names in this industry are as below:


One of the largest premium domain auction platform is sedo. They provide a reliable and secure platform to domain owners to list there domains.

You can get here many premium domain names for sale. Some domains have websites in past and some are new. If you select any domain, Sedo provides a very safe way to pay and transfer domain in your account.


As one of the pioneer in premium domains industry is Godaddy. Godaddy provides a very safe platform to buy and sell domain names.

They have millions of customers around the world. There are many premium domain names they have. There payment procedure is safe, if you select any domain you have to pay and you will get in your account in fifteen days.


Domain.com is the best premium domain name registrar in the market. You will get domains by searching in there premium domain search tool.

They provide all TLD’s (Top Level Domains). If you are interested in premium domain names, simply click on premium domains tab to find short and unique domains.


Flippa is another big name in domain marketplaces to sale websites, premium domains, and online businesses. Here sellers list there domains for sale.

You can check premium domain names and bid on auction. You will get your desired domain if your bid accepted. Thereafter you will follow the payment guidelines and domain will transfer in your account.


It is one of the prime place in domain industry. It is also a good place to learn about premium domain name. Here premium domains listed as buy now, bargains, auctions, and make offer. They offer all TLD’s.

Which are Other Ways to Earn with Premium Domains?

Premium domains are those which have already traffic. If you buy a premium domain rather than regular domain, it is more better that you start your own website or blog.

There are many popular types of blogs now a days. You have taken a premium domain name and web hosting, now its time to start a successful blog.

You have to choose a niche in which you are interested in. If you are feeling hesitation to select niche or you are thinking which niche you have to select, don’t worry! Here are some hot blog niche we have discussed.

  1. Fitness Blog
  2. Info Blog
  3. Fashion Blog
  4. Sports Blog
  5. Knowledge blog
  6. Lifestyle Blog
  7. Music Blog
  8. Travel Blog
  9. Business Blog
  10. Finance Blog
  11. Travel Blog
  12. Parents blog
  13. Political Blog
  14. News Blog
  15. Car Blog
  16. Insurance Blog
  17. Movie Blog
  18. Pet Blog
  19. Gaming Blog
  20. Home Designing Blog
  21. Exterior Designing Blog
  22. Interior Designing Blog
  23. Photo Blog
  24. DIY Blog
  25. Food Blog
  26. Hotels Blog
  27. Construction Blogs
  28. Cryptocurrency Blog
  29. Freelancer Blog
  30. IT Blog
  31. Art Blog
  32. Teaching Blog
  33. Events Blog
  34. Inspirational Blog
  35. Biography Blog
  36. Poetry Blog
  37. Interview Blog
  38. Product Review Blog
  39. Online Classes Blog
  40. Beauty Tips Blog
  41. Hair Style Blog
  42. Home Remedies Blog
  43. Media Blog
  44. Baby Care Blog
  45. Books Blog
  46. Quiz Blog
  47. Jobs Blog
  48. Wedding Blogs
  49. Stories Blog
  50. Date Blog
  51. Guest Post Blog
  52. Recipes Blog
  53. Rent Property Blog

In next article we will discuss shortly these all blogs and share some premium domain names related those niches. Till then you can get more by reading, How to Earn with Blogs?

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