get your Upwork profile approved

How to Get Your Upwork Profile Approved?

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Get Your Upwork Profile Approved

The CEO of Upwork says that there are more than ten thousand new registrations every day. Therefore, with the increase in its popularity, the number of rejected profiles is also increasing. The competition is very high.

So, is it possible to get your newly created Upwork profile approved, even after multiple rejections?

Before you go through the tips and tricks regarding, you must remember these killing points.

Is it Embarrassing, if your Upwork Profile Rejects?

The disapproval of Upwork profile is not a bad thing. It develops the competition among the new comers.

Almost, every professional joining the Upwork knows that they perform this approval or disapproval by the screening process. So, how do they do so?

What if Upwork Profile Disapproved?

When an Upwork profile disapproved, it is not at random. In fact, Upwork follows an Algorithm to highlight those profiles before the clients, which measure up to a particular criteria.

How Upwork Works?

The Upwork keeps analyzing the supply and demand on its platform, i.e. the

number of freelancers and clients. It aims to maintain a balance between the two. So, it approves new profiles accordingly. When the need arises, it he selects the accounts on merit.

You know that the Upwork does not give a single chance to apply for approval.

You can instead resubmit your profile as many times as you can make it more attractive. So, this is not the end. Never lose heart!

Don’t be hasty. Here’s how you can get the approval of your Upwork new Account.

How to Get Your Upwork Profile Approved?

If you want to get your Upwork profile approved then create your Upwork profile with full concentration and seriousness. Add everything, do not leave any stone unturned. Focus on your skill set and select multiple sub categories, not just one.

What About Title?

The title should be impressive and clear. Include all the educational record, certificates, diplomas and job history. Take it like a resume.

Upwork skill tests are very important. Get a high score that can distinguish you from others. Upwork preference is that you add a business email. It is very easy to create via gmail.

Which Category should be Chosen?

There is option of four sub categories on Upwork. For adding more skills, you can select ”other” You will find this option in each category. No falsehood! List the skills, you have.

Isn’t it odd that you are new to Upwork, but looks like you are already perfect? It’s definitely doubtful. You can read the Upwork suggestions.

How to Choose Right Skills?

Check the profiles of Upwork experienced professionals. See, what makes them successful. May be, you have the same skills, but you do not know how to show them rightly.


Suppose that you are a copywriter. Is it enough to add the copy writing skill? You can definitely add the related skills as well, e.g. sales writing, lead generation, internet marketing, landing pages, experience of any tool, you use like ConvertKit.

Which Jobs You have Done?

Some people underestimate their experience level. This is because they think from

the freelancing point of view. If you are an awesome writer, but no experience of online

job, it doesn’t mean that you are not a good writer.

Add the jobs, even those you did voluntarily or for the friends and family.

What Rate You Should Demand?

It is the start of your career on Upwork. So, do not mention your hourly rate so high.

The Upwork authorities may not take it competitive, if you write a rate much higher than the existing freelancers.

For this, the best suggestion is to follow the Upwork “ Personalized Rate “. This is according to your profile skills, experience and clients’ offers in the respective field.

You can raise the rate late with the passage of time.

Where to Link Your Professional Account?

Proofread your profile again. There should be no spelling or grammar mistake. You can pass the text through the spell check software.

Link your professional accounts to the Upwork account, like LinkedIn , Dribble account, GitHub , etc.

That’s it. In this manner, Your profile will be approved and You will be able to earn online money. If You want to see it in Hindi on Youtube, visit here.

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