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How to Make Money from YouTube Channel?

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How to Make Money from Youtube Channel?

There are various ways to make money from YouTube channel and they include.

How to Use AdSense?

Having signed up for AdSense YouTube can include Ads in your videos. Each view and clicks will lead to you earning money.

How to Use Brand Sponsors in YouTube?

Most brands are looking for YouTube to push their products to wider audiences. You can partner with them, showcase their products in videos and charge a fee.

Pitch to other companies that have high-quality products and are trustworthy. However, you need to disclose the sponsorship to your viewers

How to Use Email Marketing?

By creating guides, product reviews, and tutorials you can direct your viewers to written content in your blog. Consequently, they sign up for your newsletters. Afterward, you can use those emails to send them newsletters and push your products.

How can You Benefit from YouTube Red Subscribers?

YouTube allows some users to pay a fee in order to watch videos without advertisements. They are called YouTube red users with a channel, you will earn a commission if such YouTube red users view your videos.

How to Use Affiliate Links on YouTube?

By doing product reviews, product comparisons, unboxing videos and tutorials, you can post affiliate links in your video descriptions. This will make you money when people buy those products using your affiliate links.

How to Use the Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon influencers program enables YouTubers to earn when they recommend products on Amazon. It is different from the Amazon associate program and requires verification by Amazon.

You select the products you wish to recommend, get a personalized affiliate link and you can post them below your videos.

How to Use Community Sponsors to Earn?

YouTube started to beta test this feature with a few channels, where community members paid $4.99 to access exclusive videos.

It became a success and was allowed for channels with over 100,000 subscribers. You can create communities, which members will have to pay up to access to exclusive content.

How to Sell Branded Products on YouTube?

After getting thousands of subscribers,you can sell custom products using your videos. Brand merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, and hats with terms and logos associated with your channel and recommend your viewers to buy them.

How to Market Your YouTube Channel?

Marketing your Youtube channel and videos will help you in getting more viewers and subscribers hence increase your earnings. These strategies are very helpful to make money from youtube channel. This involves and requires you to;

Promote Your Channel & Videos on Social Media

To be able to connect your channel to your social media you can navigate to settings then selected connected apps.

Having done that sharing videos on social media will be easier.

  1. Create interesting content,attractive videos, thumbnails, and titles.
  2. Use popular Keywords from Google on Your Channel and videos.
  3. Allow people to embed your videos in their blogs and other works.
  4. Engage with your viewers through promotions, giveaways and comment sections.

What are the Latest YouTube Tools & Features to Enable?

YouTube Studio Beta

This is a newer version of creator studio, it helps creators to manage their channel.

New features include;

  • A Smart inbox for you to engage with viewers.
  • A New design enables you to create videos easily and faster.
  • New YouTube analytics for enabling you to check video metrics, click-through rate and video impressions.

You can access creator studio classic features by clicking on the bottom right as indicated.

The new features of YouTube Studio are;

  • Video snapshots to enable you compare latest video against older ones.

Another added feature is “Impressions and how they led to watch time” report.Instead of showing all views and watch time on your channel, it only shows views and watch time originating from thumbnail impressions.

Likewise you can also add subtitles and captions to your video.

You do it by navigating next to the video you want to add captions or subtitles to.

Use the edit button for a drop down menu and Select Subtitles/CC. Here you can choose your preferences for adding subtitles and captions.

YouTube Studio Also provides deep data in the reports which includes traffic sources, geography and key metric cards.

Which Policies have been Updated by YouTube?

YouTube has updated some policies to keep up with emerging issues and improve their services.

Policies on Thumbnails & Links

YouTube will not allow you to use thumbnails and links that don’t follow community guidelines on its platform. Furthermore, YouTube will run an experiment where 0.3 percent of viewers will see auto-generated thumbnails instead of those originally created by YouTubers.

Policies on Pranks & Dangerous Experiments

YouTube has enforced an update on pranks. This is because there has been growing trend where challenges were becoming more risky and disturbing.

Moreover, children under 18 years cannot be involved in such challenges.Besides,challenges that risk death have been banned from YouTube.

How can You Receive Your YouTube Funds?

Your YouTube earnings are calculated for a period of one month. When the next month begins, your earnings are reviewed and recalculated. Payments start at the end of that month and thats how you can make money from YouTube channel.

Before the 15th day of each month, your earnings will be added to your AdSense page.

Additionally, you can use YouTube Analytics Revenue Report to see your estimated earnings.

For you to get pay you need to meet the main thresholds. Here is a sample of the money thresholds and how they differ according to currency.

Read this, Complete Guide to Earn with YouTube.

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