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Sign up for an AdSense Account FOR YOUTUBE

Sign up for an AdSense Account FOR YOUTUBEHow to Sign up for an AdSense Account FOR YOUTUBE?

Google AdSense enables you to start earning money easily. However, you need to be over 18 year old. There are two ways to sign up for AdSense, i.e. through YouTube or AdSense directly. Through YouTube is easier and here are the steps;

Click the start button.

This will take you to another YouTube page. Here will be informed of a redirection to AdSense.

Click next to continue.

Next you can choose which Google account to link with AdSense. Choose the account associated with your channel.

  • Enter your YouTube Channel URL to link with AdSense.If you signed in from YouTube it will have been added automatically.
  • Also you can choose to get More AdSense Features.

  • Tick the boxes that indicate you have agreed to AdSense terms.
  • Your Country.
  • Click Create Account to continue.

Click On get Started to Continue

You have successfully created your AdSense Account, Confirm the details and click submit.

You will be redirected to your host i.e. Back on YouTube.

You will Notice That Your “AdSense Created” has been ticked.

Next you need to set Monetization Preferences. Click start to do so.

Select the types of Ads you want to enable for monetization in the next page. It is advisable to tick all and save.

Now Your “Monetization preferences” will be ticked. What you need next are 4000 hours of video watch time and 1000 subscribers to continue monetization process. You will need to achieve this then wait for a review on your channel.

Now you have successfully linked your YouTube and AdSense account.

The verification of your AdSense Account can take up to 2 days.

Once you get approved you will receive an AdSense ID.

After the complete monetization process, your channel will look like this.

Notice monetization is enabled.

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