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How to Start Web Hosting Business in 2021?

How to Start Web Hosting Business in 2021?

Your website will not appear on the worldwide web unless you get a web hosting plan. You can imagine benefits of web hosting for your business. The fact that, almost one million people daily join the world of internet so, you must understand, how to start web hosting business in 2021.

Yes! This is a true figure and you can earn more than 5000 US dollars from the web hosting business.

What are Web Hosting Terms?

Before you start, you should understand a few main terms, i.e.

Disk space (how many files you can upload. It is just like your computer hard disk.)

Bandwidth (how much data the visitors of your website can load. People prefer unlimited bandwidth, these days.

Domain (how many websites you can add to the server.)

Parked Domain (extra domains that increase the number of visitors on your existing account. If you buy different versions of the same name, such as .com, .net, etc. and people find you by typing both versions, it will definitely lead them to your site.)

SSL (the Secured Socket Layer that ensures you the safe transactions over the internet.

You might have seen “https” before a website, it shows that the site is secured.

Uptime (the time a host stays up and keeps running. More the uptime, better the web hosting plan)

How to Start?

With a little investment, say 10 US dollars, you can buy web hosting from HostingClown and make 100 US dollars from it.

You can make payment to them on a monthly basis as well. Wow! It’s so easy! As you get more and more customers, you can increase the disk space and bandwidth. Focus on the SSL and uptime, if you are running an e-commerce website.

Which Web Hosting Plan, You Should Select?

Now, the question arises, which web hosting package suits your needs? For the new comers, Moon plan is most suitable. In this package, you get 40 GB disk space, bandwidth and domains and you can add 40 customers. Suppose, if you provide 1 GB disk space and bandwidth in 10 US dollars, you can meet your target within a few days, i.e.

Your expense: 18.99 x 12 = 227.88 USD

Your income: 40 x 10 = 400 USD

Your Profit: 400 – 227.88 = 172,12 USD

This is just an idea. As many customers you will increase, so will your profit increase.

Hence, you can buy big packages, which will be more economical and profitable for you.

How to Deal with Customers?

You are not a programmer, but doing the business of web hosting. Similarly, the customer may be a great businessman, but new to the Internet. So, you must deal with the customers in the best way, i.e.

Say thanks to the customers for getting web hosting services from you. Introduce your package and the product to them.

Explain the customer, how to login the website and access the control panel. Tell them, which things, they can manage, there.

Provide detailed information about the offer, for example, how they can use their email account? If you are hosting their WordPress blog, tell them about WordPress.

The customers may irritate in the beginning, especially when they have to face some technical issue. Give them an open offer that they can contact you anytime. Even if you are not available, you should have told them about useful tutorials and self-help material.

Or, you can feel free and take complete services from HostingClown.

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