How to Upload YouTube Videos?

How to Upload YouTube Videos?How to Upload YouTube Videos?

Ideally, you should have created your video. To upload videos on YouTube, click on the camera icon at the top right-hand side of any YouTube page. A drop-down menu pops up and you can select upload a video.

How to Upload YouTube Videos?


Selecting a video takes you to the video publishing page where you will be required to enter details such as.

How to Upload YouTube Videos?


  • Title
  • Decryption
  • Tags
  • Video thumbnails
  • ScheduledPremiers

How to Upload YouTube Videos?


The video should be your own work, not copyrighted content and should also follow YouTube video guidelines to avoid being banned by YouTubealgorithms.

How to Optimize Your Video for Search While Uploading?

Optimizing your videos for search will help in making it discoverable. Here are the major things to do while uploading it.

  • Have a Clear And Concise Title

Making use of related keywords while uploading your video.Your title should be interesting enough to draw viewers.Moreover, it should be creative as well as compelling.

  • Write a Good video Description

Search engines like google use some part of video description to match your videos to searches. Make use of keywords. The description is limited to 1000 words of which YouTube displays only the first few lines so you should make them relevant.

  • Include Relevant Tags

Tags help to relate your video to different topics. Make use of relevant keywords to improve your reach .However, you have to note that using misleading tags can lead to penalization by YouTube.

  • Make Use of YouTube Playlists

These are videos grouped together that play in order. A playlist can keep a user only watching videos on your channel.

How to Upload YouTube Videos?


Below you can see how playlists attract traffic.

How to Upload YouTube Videos?


  • Choose a Relevant Category

While uploading,you are given the chance to select a relevant category. Choose a category that matches interesting viewership patterns.


How to Upload YouTube Videos?


  • Use Creative Video Thumbnails

Using creative video thumbnails that raise curiosity will make more people click and watch your videos. Here are examples from a popular tech YouTuber.

How to Upload YouTube Videos?


How to Enable Monetization on Your Videos?

To start earning, your videos must be monetized. This can be done by following the steps below.

Go to Settings – Account – View Additional Features. Here you can select and enable monetization.


You will be directed to a page that shows you how to monetize.

How to Upload YouTube Videos?


  • From the monetization page, you can choose start.

You will be navigated to the YouTube monetization terms page. You have to read the terms and tick the boxes if you agree. Click accept to continue.


How to Upload YouTube Videos?


This will take you to the next step.You will notice the “YouTube Partner Program Terms” is ticked. Next click the Blue Start button to continue.