affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook

Is Affiliate Marketing Allowed on Facebook?

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Is Affiliate Marketing Allowed on Facebook?

This article will show you is affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook?

How to do Affiliate Linking Within Facebook Rules?

For you to use affiliate promotions on Facebook there are policies you must follow.

Don’t Affiliate Link Directly When Using Facebook Ads

Facebook will ban you if you directly put your affiliate links when using Facebook Ads. Apparently, doing this spoils users experience and Facebook wants to avoid that.

Make Landing Pages that Follow Facebook Guidelines

These are simple pages that you can create to post your promotions. Here, you can include your affiliate links. For your landing pages to be allowed you have to follow Facebook marketing rules.

How does Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Work?

Of all social media sites, Facebook is the largest advertising platform. To earn through affiliate links you can use Facebook fan pages, groups, and even your personal account. To promote content that includes your affiliate links.

Make sure you don’t spam links directly just anywhere on Facebook, it will get you banned. Furthermore,you need to disclose your links as affiliate links when posting.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links on Facebook?

To earn through Facebook when using affiliate links,you need to follow the methods outlined below.

How to Use Facebook Fan Pages?

A Facebook fan page is a great way to promote your affiliate link. This is especially so if you have a website, blog, YouTube channel or you are a popular person.

In this page, you can use interesting posts to interact with your fans, readers, viewers, and followers hence include affiliate links.

How to Use Facebook Advertisements?

Facebook paid campaigns can be important in increasing the money you earn through affiliate linking. However don’t link directly. Link your Ads to content like articles and videos which include your affiliate links.

More importantly, target your Ads at the right audience and time, to avoid wasting money. To track your conversions and Ads performances, use Facebook Pixel.

How to Use Facebook Groups?

Groups will boost your earnings as they bring many people interested in the same topics together. Create high-quality posts in groups, making sure you are educational and professional.

When you do this, including your affiliate links won’t feel like you are harassing the group members.

How to Use Your Personal Facebook Page?

This will be one of the easiest ways for you to earn when affiliate marketing on Facebook. This is because most people who view your posts trust you, therefore they are more likely to purchase through your link.

However, do it in a less sales-oriented way as this is your personal page.

How to Use Promotions on Your Posts?

After posting on Facebook, select posts that are performing well organically and promote them. This will increase your reach through likes, comments and getting shared.

Consequently, this will increase the clicks to your links and boost your earnings.

How to Use Image Galleries?

On Facebook, image posts perform better than text posts. You can create image galleries of products you are promoting, followed by descriptions, reviews and finally include your affiliate links. When these galleries attract interactions you get more clicks.

How to Use Videos For Your Affiliate Links?

Another way to push your affiliate link is by use of videos. They can be reviews, funny posts, tutorials and recommendations in which you include your affiliate links.

Additionally, you can interact more in the comment section of the videos, this offers you a chance to post more affiliate links related to the video.

The Bottom Line

As much as Facebook gives you a chance to earn through affiliate marketing, make sure you are transparent and don’t harass users with links as it is a social site.

Having followed the guidelines in this article, you can now use affiliate marketing on Facebook with a proven method rather than to trial and error.

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