Make Money Online as Virtual Assistant

Make Money Online as Virtual Assistant

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How to Make Money Online as Virtual Assistant?

The virtual assistant is just like a personal secretary, only the difference is that you make money online. The type of services depends upon the requirements of the client.

There are many advantages of being a virtual assistant, such as you can work at home. You do not get bored from the same type of work again and again. You get a chance to serve on different kind of projects. Hence, your interest develops.

What Type of Services Virtual Assistant Do?

What include in the services of a virtual assistant is to write, code, administration, data entry, designing and managing emails, messages, etc.

Having command on versatile jobs lets you earn $1000 per month or even more. The tasks may be on the hourly basis.

Where to Find Work?

You can join Upwork or Elance to provide your services as a virtual assistant. You can also post your gigs on Fiverr , as well. Generally, the clients need the following set of services from the assistants online:

What Skills do You Need?

Every business has an online presence. To maintain a website, it is necessary to write, edit and proofread the content and blog posts.

For this, your English writing and grammar should be good. You can learn online, how to write a good post. The clients also guide the virtual assistant after hiring.

Should Virtual Assistant Know CMS?

Some clients also want the virtual assistant to publish the post himself. It is not difficult. You can access the CMS (Content Management System) and after login, publish the post in a few steps. You can learn WordPress for this.

Where to Check Content?

Learning the optimization methods and always pass your content with the plagiarism checker. You can learn this from Udemy , WordPress.

What is Editorial Calender?

The virtual assistant may have to maintain the editorial calendar on the demand of the client. It is a schedule of the upcoming posts that the blog will publish.

Where to Post Regularly?

You may have to manage the social media accounts of the company. You will make 5 posts daily on the Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , etc.

To be a good virtual assistant, you should be able to devise the marketing strategies for the company.

What More You Need?

The online shopping stores need the web pages commonly known as the landing pages. It may appeal the visitor to subscribe to the emails, newsletter, upcoming events and webinar registration. This is a great source of making money online. It will boost the business of your client rapidly.

How Much Time You Should Give to Your Job?

The client may ask you to be available on the blog or website 24 hours and respond to the queries of the customers via online chat.

What is the Importance of Keywords?

When you are adding a post to the blog, make sure, you have used the keywords appropriately. Also, do not forget to add the hyperlinks in your post. You can act as the virtual assistant for more than one company, after when you are expert in all tasks. It will double your income.

Is this Job Full Time or Part Time?

Sometimes, the workload is less. When you start, you may get small tasks. Initially, you can work part time. Later, when you have enough experience, you can switch your job to full time. Normally, the projects of virtual assistant are long term.

How to Make Clients?

Apart from the freelancing websites, you can also send emails, messages and resume to the clients personally. Many clients will respond you positively. Social and business sites have facilitated a lot in this regard.

Is Your Job Require Your Presence?

The job of a virtual assistant requires you to be online on Skype all the time. This is because the client may need to contact you anytime.

You will enjoy serving different kinds of tasks. The hourly payment will encourage you to work more hours. This is a genuine job online, but you need to work hard in the beginning.

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