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The web offers tremendous possibilities that anyone cash in to generate a steady, sturdy  income right from the comfort of their abode. Online lectures for revenue generation is  something that holds good value.  But, as a beginner, where to start? Here’s your step by step guide to how you can make money online by providing online  lectures.

How to Start?

Register yourself as an instructor on udemy, an international for tutoring and learning.

Udemy offers students and teachers an interactive and easy-to-use environment for online  teaching. It has thousands of registered students to whom you can offer lectures of your  specialized domain.

The platform currently has around 42,000 courses being offered by expert instructors.

How Udemy works?

You can get started with Udemy by following these simple steps

Register your account.

Create video tutorials using Udemy’s free-to-use course-making tools.

Publicize your course to attract students and deliver trainings on any device.

Enjoy money.

How much will I make?

Well, it actually depends on two factors.

How much in-demand the course you specialize in is, as per current eLearning trends?

What’s your level of expertise in the course you wish to offer?

Good instructors can entice more students through rave reviews posted (on Udemy or on  social media) by their existing or former students. Generally, an average instructor can  make around $7000 a month.

Can I generate a four to six digit annual income?


How much time it takes to create a course?

Creating an eLecture may well be a moderately time-consuming thing. However, it  depends on what you can create and sell.

A lecture may be as specific as an ‘on-page SEO guide’ to as broad as a complete ‘digital  marketing’ module. 

To get started, consider environment first, take a weekend and create a brief 2-3-hour  course and go sell it.

Or perhaps, you might already have some blog, book, or tutorial so you can divide into  different course modules and provide it to your students.

What technical skills required?

Creating document courses or multimedia content is no rocket science till the time you know what exactly you need to offer to ensure you. Don’t become just-another-instructor  on Udemy.

Having said that, you might initially need to spend some time with E-authoring utilities.

An instructor can’t survive online without videos.

You must ensure that, videos have good size aspect, voice and picture quality, and not too heavy to load, etc. Download and install Camtasia professional video making tool and learn the ropes before you leap out to an eLearning platform.

What course should I provide trainings on?

To make money online by providing tutoring, and to ensure you get a consistent flow of  earnings through it. You should ideally offer courses on the subjects or topics you have  form expertise and hands-on experience.

However, Udemy or any other eLearning platform does not place any such restrictions as  such. So you can offer tutorials on just about anything since the success depends on how  well you execute things.

In case you don’t have any such course-specific USP, then also you may sure earn money  with online lectures. You should create good courses and do the relevant homework. Learn yourself well and you’re set to teach the students.

What type of courses can attract more students and ensure better conversion?

If you’re a novice instructor looking to make money with online lectures without having  core specialized expertise. First you should choose topic carefully.

Choose topics that are in trend and are easy for you to master. So for example, digital  marketing, blogging, social media marketing, verbal or written English (if you’re a native  speaker), etc.

Start with basic topics and you can gradually pick up pace to include advanced concepts of  the subject you choose to teach.

Suggest me some more eLearning platforms

Some of the leading Udemy alternatives are Coursera, Lynda, Udacity and Skillshare.

You can earn money online as Web Researcher.

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