How To Make Your Website Faster

How To Make Your Website Faster?

How To Make Your Website Faster?

Slow browsing website is a panic situation. We invest a lot of time and money to create a website. After it whenever we check browsing speed, it gives us chaos. We began to think, what should we do to make it faster?

If browsing speed of the website is 1 to 3 seconds than your website is good and will face low bounce rate. If your website’s browsing speed is 3 sec to 5 sec, then it can face 56% bounce rate. If it is more than 5 sec then bounce rate can be 90%.

Recommendations of Google page load time is not more than 2 seconds. There are many websites which are offering to check loading page speed of your website. We prefer Gtmetrix is best to check page load speed.

There can be many reasons for website’s slow loading. It is because of images, if you did not optimize. Images with high resolution take lots of bandwidth while loading. Use of JPEG images with maximum 1 mb file size is too much but acceptable. More than 1 mb file size and image in PNG is not acceptable. Because it will helps to increase page load time.

Second reason can be long articles with too much words. Too much Plugins, Java script issues, CDN or too much Database problems decrease page speed load times.

But don’t worry!

We are here to come out your website from this topsy turvy situation. You will give us your website name. You will also give us the fresh result of your website page loading speed from Gtmetrix. This result will show your Performance score and Page details.

You will provide us access of website login user name and password. If we need your website cpanel, you will provide us this too. We will give you a time frame of 6 to 10 working days. In that duration we will fix all issues and give back your website with good performance and best page load speed.

Send your website credentials on

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