Online Earn As Freelancer

Online Earn as Freelancer

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How to Online Earn as Freelancer?

The Freelancer is a professional, who works on short term projects online through different platforms, such as UpWork, Freelancer and Elance, etc. You indeed feel free, when you online earn as freelancer.

According to an estimate, almost more than ten million Americans are earning as a freelancer. The facts and figures show an increase in this number very soon. What should a person do to become a freelancer?

How a person do online earn as freelancer? Well, it needs to take certain things into consideration. Here we go:

As Freelancer Choose the Field

Freelancers can do multiple jobs. It will be right to say that there are as many fields as there are the workers. So, initially, you have to decide which field you are interested in.

What set of skills do you have? You have a number of options to choose from, i.e. web researcher, data entry operator, SEO worker, programmer, designer, writer, translator, transcriber, etc.

Build Your Identity

After when you have decided the field, the next step is to Make your market identity. That can be a website, a blog or a social media reference.

There is a great competition among the freelancers. On the freelancing platforms, the project is one, but there are a lot of bidders for it. So, think wisely and specialize in your field.

Freelancers portfolio is checked more than their qualification. If you are qualified enough, but have no sample work to show, no one will hire you. In the portfolio, include the links of websites, companies and projects, you have worked so far.

The best idea to understand how freelancing works is to read thoroughly the frequently asked questions given on UpWork, and Elance, etc. Add details in your profile and introduce your skills in an impressive way.

You may get help from friends, social circle, and YouTube videos to get know-how about the freelancing.

To make your account verified, add your genuine phone number, bank statement and invoicing system. Adding photo makes 50 percent of your profile strong.

Read about the hourly and fixed projects procedure.

Pass several tests related to your skill set and add to your profile.

Hit the Right Client

Once, your profile is ready, the time is to hit the right client. You have a limited set of application per month and if you bid for a non-professional client or the one whose payment method is not verified. The clients, who have positive feedbacks and spent enough money,

When applying for a job read the complete job description keenly and doesn’t miss anything important. If you measure up to the client’s requirements, only then bid for the project. Broader the vision and be passionate.

Do not lose hope. Keep applying because online earn as freelancer should never loose hopes.

Accept Lower Rates, Initially

Proficient and experienced workers are always preferred, but there are a few projects, for which the clients encourage the new comers. Bid for them and write an excellent note, while applying.

It takes time to become a professional freelancer. So, better is to accept lower rates, initially. After when you will get 2, 3 positive feedback from the clients, getting projects will not be that much difficult.

Be Responsible & Responsive

As a freelancer, you must show a responsible behavior. Always try to meet the deadline, rather complete the project before time. Always be available to respond, whenever the client contacts you. These things have separate rating.

Arrange a good PC, internet connection and an alternative in case of electricity-breakdown. Have an excellent command on MS office skills and worldwide web.

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