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Online Earn by Social Media

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How to Online Earn by Social Media?

Today, everybody has an account on the social media sites. You want to be in touch with your friends and family, so you use Facebook regularly. What if you earn by social media handsome amount.

Sounds strange, but delightful! You use social media as a hobby. Let’s now turn it into your business. In the following, we are sharing top useful ideas to earn by Social Media i.e.

Pin Product Photos on Pinterest

You may start a small level business and create a free account on Pinterest. You can pin the photos of your products over there and engage the targeted audience.

Also, invite your Pinterest community to pin their product photos on your account. In return, they will pin your photos on their account.

Online Instagram Shop

Instagram is a great help to earn by social media to run an online shop on. The service named “inSelly” is very handy to create your online shop on Instagram.

By simple and easy steps, you can start it, i.e. sign up and provide your business details. So add a unique logo to your profile. Add photos of the products.

Insert your payment method and bank account details or PayPal account information and edit your account on need.

Advertising on Facebook & Twitter

There are millions of companies, who want to hire people for the promotion of their products and service on Facebook and Twitter. This is because the social networks are easy ways of getting a quick response and increase traffic by introducing discounts and special offers.

While surfing the news feed, you would surely have seen the advertisements. It is number 1 method of making money through social media.

Many websites are introducing replica of the famous brands and people take interest in it. You can also invest a little to advertise your Facebook page to get ads.

Writing Posts & Comments

On the online job portals, you might have found the projects like this “write 1000 posts on social media and earn online”. This is true and companies are hiring people to write marketing posts from the genuine social media accounts.

Similarly, copywriting, editing, comedy writing and many other writing jobs are there on social media.

There are a few comedians, who started earning by posting funny videos on YouTube and giving its link on their Facebook Page, for example, ZaidAliT spreads smiles on the sad faces.

You can also create an account and earn money through fun.

Airbnb Renting

Airbnb is a superb site to be a renter. You can invite people to rent their apartments. It will verify your profile and act as a messenger between the host and the guest.

It is a secured way of renting your place. The payment transfer is also safe on this platform. So, you can earn money at home, if you place your ad for renting a piece of property.

Earn Through YouTube

Creating an account on YouTube is totally free. If you target the exact audience and upload an interesting video daily, the number of viewers will increase and YouTube will pay you for its ads.

Sell Your Art

If you are an artist and you think, you can sell awesome designs of several items, prints, photos and artwork, people will give you feedback in comments.

They will share your work, if they like. Introduce your art on Instagram and Tumblr. You can also run an online portal on Big Cartel and Etsy.

If Your listening skills of English language are good, you can get an online job of transcription.

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