Earn by Website Flipping

Online Earn by Website Flipping

Can I Really Online Earn by Website Flipping?

Online Earn by Website flipping is a term used for those, who purchase a website from one party and sell it to another.

Since when the internet has evolved, there is one phrase on everybody’s tongue, “can I really make money online?”, “But, who will guide me?” Well, no worries! 

They earn profit through it, sitting at home. It is very easy, simple and profitable way of earning. Taking interest in this business?

That’s great! Website Flipping really works. Just you have to follow a few simple steps, i.e.

How to Select Topic?

Be devoted and willful that you have to do this business. Select your niche. What does it mean? Niche means a topic that you are willing to write on and the audience is eager to know about.

Choose it carefully. Topic Should not outside the world of internet. There is a lot of information, people are looking for. So write in an inspiring niche and let the readers feel compelled to pay you for that.

Where to Get a Domain Name?

Your website name should reflect what information, it contains. Buying a suitable and relevant domain will be highly helpful in Google ranking. You should research on it well before you start writing.

What are Keywords?

It should consist of the keywords that most people enter in a search engine, while searching the relevant information. You may get help from the Google AdWords. Make sure, your main keyword has not more than one lac websites.

Which Extension You should Choose?

Your first priority should be a website with .com extension, then .net on the 2nd priority and .org only if the website is not much commercialized.

When no more option is available, then you may go for .info, otherwise, set your priorities again. You may buy a domain name if you want to buy a cheap domain, check NameCheap.

Where to Get Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting means a host or a server that stores your files and enables the visitors to approach you through your website. Make the appropriate selection of the web hosting plan.

Best web Hosting company for small businesses is Hosting Clown. Hosting Clown is providing Unlimited Disk Space with 120 gb SSD in all Web Hosting plans, whether it is starter plan or bigger plan.

You just have to invest $2.99 per month. Link the domain to the server.

What about Theme?

On your blog, add a beautiful WordPress theme or a site template. Now a days almost every theme is mobile friendly. There are thousands of free templates available on the internet.

There are also some premium themes. Premium themes are paid themes. If you can afford, this is more better to buy premium themes rather than free themes.

To buy premium themes here are the best choices templatemonster and themesforest.

Leave enough space for the ads. At this step, you are near to reach your goal. Enter the Google Adsense code on the site or a back link from Amazon, Commission Junction or ClickBank, etc.

What About the Content of Website?

This is the most important step that requires your attention. You have to write the articles based on the list of the chosen keywords. Add at least 50 to 70 posts of 650 words or above.

Where to Use Keywords?

Make the title of the post appealing and use the keywords in the title and the article. So it is more better if you use your website name as keyword. For example, onlineearn.org.

So keywords are online earn or online earn money. Related to website name.

How to Optimized Website?

If the content of your website is worth reading and interesting and you apply other strategies of the Search Engine Optimization as well, you will reach your target very soon. Don’t forget to do the social media marketing.

When You Sell Website?

So now you have to ready to earn by website flipping. When you start getting good number of visitors and make a sound earning through your website, this is the right time to sell it.

Whosoever bids the highest, transfer the copyrights to him and earn a great profit. That’s it.

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