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Online Earn Money as Content Writer

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How to Online Earn Money as Content Writer?

Online earn money as content writer, gives you the opportunity to earn 3000 dollars in a month by writing articles on diverse niches. such as relationships, technology etc. But the problem with freelancing is that there is a lack of consistency in the amount of work available.

At one time you may be blessed with plenty of good work that pays well, whereas at another time you might not even get a single content writer job.

Avoid keeping all your eggs in the same carton, because you do not want to lose any of your revenue. You need to know the technique of tapping good work from several different sources at the same time.

Below mentioned are some marketplaces websites and online forums that will help you find and cater your target clientèle. We hope that this list of opportunities will come in handy while looking for new jobs.


Freelancer is a freelance work board that provides over 100 different types of jobs for freelancers all over the globe. This job board provides jobs for IT, content writer, programming and design.

The best part of this site is the fair amount of earning. If you have the skill for it, Freelancer helps you showcase your portfolio and reach out to clients all over the world.

Upwork , a Powerhouse

Same like ‘Freelancer’ UPWork is also a major name in the market and hence a wonderful platform for writers to begin and pursue their work.

It is a major contender for job boards around the globe and offers a wide range of jobs. Much like Freelancer, UPWork also pays fairly and grabs a good clientele that usually lasts long.

Make Money with Contena

Contena is a good place for finding outsourcing jobs such as copy writing and editing.

As a beginner you will simply have to enter your details, register and hence be allowed to view more detail and an opportunity to hitch jobs. In comparison to other forums for online earning Contena is quite mature and transcends the gap between freelancers and clients

Linkedin Pro-finder, Best Place to Build Your Profile

ProFinder is a comparatively young service that helps the writers, get in connection with target customer.Many professionals that are called pros are already providing their services in several areas.

Translation, editing, copy writing, content strategy, blogging, technical writing, and ghostwriting are all the areas where you can work and earn on the LinkedIn Pro-finder.

iWriter, a Heaven for Content Writers

iWRITER has a wonderful freelance community to learn from. It allows anyone with good writing skills to write and make money online.

The platform allows you an opportunity to work on an intuitive interface and create ‘lenses’ about the subjects you want and earn a good passive income by writing.

Craiglist, Smart Earning

Craigslist is still one of the most convenient places to find freelance content writing jobs. It makes your connection easy with the individuals and businesses in your area that seek the kind of services you provide and help you earn.


Being one of the premiere marketplaces for highly professional freelance writers it pays up to $100 on each article.

Although it has a strict editorial process but, the high demand on this marketplace makes it one of the best. Log in to these wonderful platforms and earn well as a freelance content writer!

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