Earn money as SEO expert

Online Earn Money as SEO Expert

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How to Online Earn Money as SEO Expert?

How good it sounds, when someone tells you that you can online earn money as SEO expert in a number of ways! Yeah! Seriously, you can. If you have a little technical knowledge, “SEO” is the best option for you.

SEO is the short of “Search Engine Optimization”. It is to keep a website on the 1st page of Google, when someone enters a related query. For this, you have to learn the tactics. Find SEO expert related material, join some SEO training, do a course online or simply watch free video lectures on YouTube.

This is not a rocket science. Develop your will and be determined. You can earn more than $3000 as an SEO marketer. A successful SEO expert ensures the following techniques:

What are Keywords?

Sort out, which keywords the visitors of your website may enter in the search bar of Google. Once you figure this out, they will reach you. A splendid website is useless, if the users cannot approach it.

You can visit the site of your competitors to find the exact and relevant keywords. You may also find good keywords using Keyword tool, Ubersuggest, Seobook, Lsigraph, Google Keyword Planner and Bing Keyword Research Tool, etc.

What is Onpage and Offpage SEO?

Onpage SEO allows you to manage everything on your website, e.g. sitemap, content, page titles, Meta data, images, etc.

The off-site SEO is not in your control. That relates to the incoming links. Just make sure, you keep all the controlled things optimized.

Link Building

This is an important aspect for SEO expert or in simple words, as many links your site contains, its ranking will improve that much. The quality of links matters, i.e. get the links of big and most related sites.

Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the social media that is playing a great role in doing SEO of a website. Make accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. and regularly share posts. The users will reach you through the links, you give in every post.

Guest Posting

You can write as a guest on other blogs and give the link of your site in the posts. This is called back linking. Join different forums for promoting your website. If you do not know how to choose other sites or blogs for guest posting, you may use a tool for searching your niche, such as AllTop.

Make Your Own Free Blog

You should also make your own blog free using the WordPress, Joomla or free blogging platforms and make regular posts. If it is not feasible for you, hire some writer to make daily posts.

Where and How to Apply for SEO Jobs?

Congratulations! Now you are in a position to apply online as an SEO marketer. It is just 3 steps away!

Make a strong profile/account on the following top rated websites.

Apply for the SEO jobs and freelancing projects frequently.

Write an appealing statement to the client while applying.

Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer are freelancing portals,

where you bid on your relevant projects. Once, you get a good feedback, more clients will trust you onward.

On Craigslist, Guru, 99designs, and Peopleperhour etc, there are ads for online jobs. You may apply, but remember, never pay anyone for getting a job.

On Fiverr you make several jigs with impressive statements that you can do this and this, etc.

On Truelancer, Flexjobs, Helponlinejobs and Rozee, the clients post salary based monthly jobs, that can be office based as well as home based.

Come on! New era invites you to sell photos online. Now earn 1000’s $ like others.

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