Online Earn with Blogs

Online Earn with Blogs

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How to Online Earn with Blogs?

A blog is basically a website that an individual owns or may be a group of people. They have to update it with the most recent piece of writings, regularly. Here we discuss, how to online earn with blogs?

Nowadays, it is a great source of online earn. You can start your own blog and generate sound revenue. For this, just follow these easy steps:

Choose an Interesting Topic

A blog may contain on several tabs. On each tab, you will find information about a particular topic. You can add multiple related posts to one major topic.

If you plan to run a blog on healthcare, you can create various links on skincare, beauty tips, treatment of common diseases, home remedies, health related news, medication, medical education and career, health related quizzes, etc.

Then, add posts in each link. If the topics are interesting, the visitors will love reading and commenting on your blog.

Find the relevant blogs and get guidance, what the users are looking for?

Free Blogging Services

You can avail yourself with the free blogging service, such as WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, etc. It is especially good for those, who have less knowledge of website design or cannot buy domain name and web hosting service.

WordPress allows you limited ads, PayPal and affiliate links. Similarly, Blogger allows ads by Google AdSense and limited affiliates. If you want to buy a domain, be ready for monthly payment to make your blog accessible to the visitors.

Create Appealing Content

The Content Management systems provide free tutorials, e.g. WordPress offers free information on how to use its tools and plugins. To use custom features, so you can upgrade your blog anytime, when you get success in this field.

Write unique content that appeals to the visitors and develops their interest. Google may block your site, if it finds the plagiarized and copied content.

Write in an informal way. Story writing is very popular these days. Keep updating your posts to monetize your online presence. Now you may earn with blogs.

Blog Marketing

Spread your message like a fire in the forest. Market your blog and post to online earn with blog on social media accounts and many available blog directories. Make regular posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So use appropriate keywords that target the relevant audience and thus, increasing your traffic. Get help from HostingClown Keyword Research Tool. It show much the marketers are paying to Google for the list of most popular keywords.

Find other blogs on the same subject and invite them to share links with each other. You can give your own ads on Facebook. On StumbleUpon, you need to invest a little to give your blog ad.

Google AdSense is also a handy platform to post your ads on. Such viral advertisements will make you earn more. Other examples for posting your ad are, Infolinks, BuySellAds, and BlogAds, etc.

Add keywords in title, header and the first lines of the article. Go to the settings and make sure, you change it to add the post title in the article link. Add the keywords in HTML title tags.

Explore More Ways to Monetize

You can develop an ecommerce store through etsy, ebay, etc. Being a writer, you can sell dresses with awesome slogans. Being a designer, you can sell enchanting drawings. Sell the relevant products to the readers by placing similar ads on your blog.

Affiliate programs through which you can give links to the products of a company, so you can earn a certain commission each time the visitor buys. Get help from ClickBank in finding the suitable company.

Above all, make your objective to facilitate the users, whether with the information or ads or products, etc.

If you are new to start a blog and you decided to earn from blog, no worries, you can contact to HostingClown. Here you will send mail to [email protected] and will describe what type of blog you want. There support team will contact you soon, they will take affordable amount. As well as for blogs, you can get powerful and cheap web hosting from them.

Now earn online as travel agent. Travel agents are third party between the hotels and the travellers.

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