Online earn with cashparking

Online Earn with Cashparking

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How to Online Earn with Cashparking?

Online earn with cashparking through your parked domains. By parking domains, we simply mean to keep it on hold unless you own a website. Voodoo is the best site for the CashParking.

What do Voodoo or other service providers do to make you earn money through parking domains? Simple! You create a CashParking account and they market your domains through ads on your site. When the users click on those ads, you earn a certain agreed commission from the service provider.

There are different CashParking plans and you make payment according to your selected plan. The percentage of the earned commission also depends on your selected package. You have an option to add as many domains in your account as you want.

Payment of CashParking Commission

There are various payment methods to get commission for the CashParking, including PayPal, direct deposit, check and Good as Gold. Minimum amount of commission is 10 USD. They pay electronically through the bank Account.

Avoid Click Fraud

Many people use PPC (Pay Per Click) schemes to get clicks on their website ads. They hire workers to watch the ad for a few seconds and then click on it. Thus, they pay against each ad. Not just manually, they even do it with the help of automated tools. This is known as click fraud. This is not a genuine program to get high traffic. So, beware of it.

In case, any such fraud comes into the consideration of the CashParking service provider, they immediately cancel the contract and suspend the account. They are, regularly, monitoring your domains. Even if they are not, you should avoid unfair means of getting clicks.

Domain Name Registration

If your domain name is registered with a company, but you are monetizing your CashParking account with some other company, you will have to convey the registrar to edit the nameservers and add that of CashParking account.

CashParking Terms

You should be well familiar with the CashParking terms given in the control panel of your account, i.e.

Pending (You have submitted the domain, but it is under resolving process to nameservers.)

Pending Review (Your domain is under review and will process in a day or two.)

Active (when you submit the domain and get it resolved to the namerservers, it becomes active)

Ineligible (the service provider reviewed your domain, but regarded it ineligible for some reason, say, trademark or ownership problem, etc.)

Error (you add a domain that has no link to your account and its registration is with some other shopper no.)

Removed (when you remove the domain from the account or it is still pending for one week or above)

Reasons of Failure to Display Ads

If you are facing a failure to display the ads on your site, it may be due to:

Incorrect nameservers

Improper or removed domains

Expired Account

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