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Online Earn with Online Survey

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How to Earn with Online Survey?

Searching the ways to earn money online, but no success yet? Stop wasting time, here and there. Go for a genuine way without making any kind of investment. Yes, it is possible to earn with online survey.

What Actually is Paid Survey?

It means to get the opinion of people for a product or a service. Companies hire people to conduct surveys over the internet. It is easier as compared to visiting door to door and getting the same results. But who will ask you for a paid survey?

Well, there are thousands of legitimate websites that offer you this job staying in your comfort zone. Just, you have to register there and start earning by taking surveys. Follow these simple steps:

What is Eligibility Criteria & Registration?

The eligibility criteria of every company may vary for online survey. Some need youngsters to conduct surveys, while others need old aged persons.

So, first and foremost thing is to be eligible for this type of online job. Search on Google for online paid surveys. Register on the most suitable website, where you meet up the terms and conditions of the eligibility.

How to Fill Out the Screened Surveys?

To step forward, you have to move 2 steps backward. Likewise, you should fill out the screened surveys, first. What are the screened surveys and why you should perform it?

When you sign up on a survey provider website, you need to fill out the screened survey. It contains a simple set of questions, such as:

  • what is your annual income?
  • What is your employment status?
  • Which industry you work in?
  • Which cell phone do you have?

If you leave most of the spaces blank and do not answer in order to jump to

the online job, the company will not be able to assess you in the relevant


A completely filled screened survey leaves a good impression on the company and they employ you after evaluating your interest and satisfactory answers in their job. So, do not rush. Slow, but steady wins the race.

Should You Read Privacy Policy?

Before you enter your details on a survey website, go through their privacy policy in detail. Make sure, they do not sell or share the email addresses to any 3rd party. A trustworthy site has a good rating.

How Company will Inform New Survey?

After registration process, keep checking the survey opportunities. The company may send you email to inform about a new required survey.

As many survey websites you register, so will be the chances to serve them. Set notifications for the emails and mark them as priority emails, so that you come to know about every update immediately.

Should you Complete Surveys on Time?

If you get several surveys from a website, choose the most suitable surveys matching your interest and knowledge. Try to complete them as soon as possible.

Timely submission is very important. Never miss any survey and if no survey is available, qualify for the new one.

What About Advance Fee?

Like other online jobs, there are also many scam websites offering online surveys. Never proceed with any site that asks you to pay a fee in advance.

Upfront payment is quite unnecessary. Get payment of your work in cash. Do not accept any gift cards, products or sweepstakes.

Check their certain limit for withdrawing cash. Go for the one that allow at least 20 USD to withdraw payment.

Should You Use Dedicated Email ID?

For surveys, use a dedicated email ID, so that you do not miss any important survey as it comes. Add the company’s ID in your address book. It will not reach in spam. You can get free online survey.

Do you like to play with colors?

So, you can earn more than $ 40,000 as a web designer. All you need is up-to-date knowledge and expertise.

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