Sell Photos Online

Sell Photos Online

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How to Sell Photos Online?

The scene is same, the building is same, but sell photos online is quite different. Hmm! This is because you are not a professional, but a photographer is! It is rightly said that an artist does not die due to hunger.

If you can add fine art and style to the photos, come out of the conventional methods of photography on events.

Waiting for the events and ceremonies, where people will call you for the photo session? Come on! New era invites you to sell photos online. Let people come to know about your abilities.

If a man of the old times finds a chance to come back to the world, he will surely wonder, how people are earning at home. It is really a blessing. Value your art. Your art walks with you like a shadow.

  • But how can you sell photos online?
  • Who will demand your photos?
  • How will you reach the targeted market?

Well, a few simple strategies will add four moons to your art, such as build a website, showcase your skills, spread the message on social media and advertise it, appropriately.

But what about those photographers, who are selling their photos online, but still not well known?

Ah! It is! In fact, the reason is that they do not utilize their skills, properly. Find the detailed guidance below:

Step in the Stock Photography

Do not limit your experience. See where the market is going. Businessmen are running their websites and blogs. They need to display quality images to their online shopping store.

You can offer your valuable services on your website, for example, product images, flyers, banners, posters, book jackets, newsletters, symbolic photos, etc.

Get the idea of the present day demand and showcase your art in your sample work on your own website. You can also market your photography on 3rd party e.g. microstock, ShutterStock, iStockPhoto, Flickr pics and Pinterest images.

These are already famous sites and once, you ask them to introduce your art over there, they will simply surprise you with the quick results.

You just have to pay them a certain commission on every photo. When your photos will get popularity, people will directly approach you through your website.

What if You Create Blog to Sell Photos Online?

If you create a WordPress blog, it will assist you a lot in selling the images online. This is because there are so many themes and functional plugins on the WordPress, particularly designed for stock photographs, such as Sell Media. You can install and use it conveniently.

It will prove as a great source of making profit to sell photos in no time. The procedure is like a professional, i.e. get payments, make the pictures password protected and use a watermark on them.

There are a number of license options available on this handy platform.

This is dreamy! But, take a while! You are forgetting one major point, i.e. there is so much competition in this field and you have to make a place in a crowd of big photographers. So, stay different. Add striking work in your portfolio.

Sell Prints on Your Site

The WordPress plugin ‘Sell Media’ invites the photographers to sell photos physical prints as well. This feature is lovely!

You may offer the customers to browse photos from the image gallery on your website and choose their required ones for printing order. They can use the hard images at the office, home or in an exhibition.

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