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Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money from Instagram

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How to Make Money from Instagram in 2021?

Instagram has become a killing marketing platform where one can earn money. Here is the complete guide on how you can make money from Instagram.

How Many Instagram Accounts do You Need?

Having multiple Instagram accounts means you will also have multiple income sources. It is good to have more than one if you intend to make money. Instagram allows up to five accounts. However, each account can only be associated with a unique email.

How to Sign in on Instagram?

To sign in to Instagram you can either do it through Facebook or register a new account.


You can sign in to Instagram using your Facebook account. You will only be required to connect to Facebook. Select an Instagram username and password.


If you don’t have an account you can create a new one,enter details and sign in into your account.

Register Your Instagram Account and Setup Your Profile

Creating your Instagram account can be done either using a desktop or downloading the app from google Play store or the App store. You can then go ahead and install it. This guide will take you through the steps on how how to use the mobile application.


Download and install the App. Next, tap the Instagram icon to launch it.
  1. Tap on the “Create New Account” button to start.
  2. Allow Instagram to access your contacts by tapping “Allow”.
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and tap next.
  4. Enter the 6-digit verification code that you received and tap “Next”.
  5. If you decided to register using your email, enter your email and tap “Next”.
  6. Pick a user name and enter it.Notably, it can be changed afterwards.
  7. You will get a Welcome message on the screen.
  8. Connect your Instagram to your Facebook.
  9. You will be required to enter your Facebook details then tap “Log in”.
  10. You can choose to follow from a suggestion list of your friends from Facebook. Suggestion include those who are on Instagram. This step is only possible if you chose to link your Facebook account.
  11. Tap the follow button to choose who to follow. Alternatively, you can choose to follow all the suggested friends.
  12. Add a profile photo for your account.
  13. You can now select filters and set your profile photo.
  14. Having signed up on your phone you can now be logging in automatically by tapping your profile photo.
  15. Congratulations! You have successfully created your account. Now you can see live feeds relating to people you follow.
  16. If you signed up using your email address you can now add your mobile number.
  17. Navigate to your profile and add your bio.
  18. This is done by visiting your profile and clicking on edit profile.
  19. Click on edit bio. Add all the required information and save.

How to Attract Instagram Followers?

Having successfully created and set up your Instagram account, it is time to know how you can get followers. Large numbers of followers will enable you earn easily through Instagram. Here are the ways which you can attract more followers;

Fill Out Your Instagram Bio

This includes your information such as what you do, what you post about and your contact information. For Example, Musician from Asia who loves dancing.
For Business Enquiries Asiamuiscdancer. Links to your website. PayPal ID for donations. Other social media accounts.
Complete your bio with keywords and popular hashtags you will associate yourself with hence become reachable for influencer work. Additionally,having a creative and descriptive username will attract people in your niche.

Use of High Quality Photos

Therefore, high quality Photos with good effects make you marketable as you are branding yourself; remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

Stand Out by Posting Creative Videos

Therefore, creating and posting unique and interesting videos relating to your niche will attract people interested in what you associate yourself with. Videos have a good audience attraction on Instagram.

Organize Online Contests and Giveaways

Therefore, by organizing contests you increase interactions and more people follow you.Interestingly, you spend very little to earn organic followers.

Promote Yourself on other Social Media Channels

You can request you Facebook friends, twitter followers and YouTube viewers to follow you on Instagram. Therefore, this is a proven method,you should similarly link the other accounts to your Instagram account.

How To Engage and Increase Your Followers?

Engagements like liking and sharing other people’s posts in your niche will you get more followers. Similarly, Messaging and building relationships will make more people follow you.

Use Relevant and Popular Hashtags

Use popular hashtags when posting your pictures and videos to enable them reach a large audience. An App like TagForLikes app can provide you with good popular hashtags ideas.

Post Frequently Using Interesting Content

Post regularly at different times to attract more followers. People follow people with good content and those who show consistency.

Collaborate With Other Instagram Influencer

By engaging and working with people with large numbers of followers,you can borrow their influence and get more followers. In fact, your numbers will grow fast if they recommend people to follow you.

How to earn money on Instagram?

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