Tips to Design a Mobile app

Ten Killer Tips to Design a Mobile app

What are Ten Killer Tips to Design a Mobile App?

Mobile app designing is very interesting field to earn money online. Even the experts are earning $1000 per week. Here are the tips to design a mobile app:

Why not you? Here’s how!

Designing a mobile app is a bit tricky because of the small screen of a Smartphone. So, You need to focus on the user interface that is easily accessible for novice as well as the experienced users.

Should Design User Friendly?

The experienced designers have given a few killer tips for the beginners, i.e. The most common though highly important tips are to make the design which is goal driven, usable, clear, learnable and user friendly.

Are These Elements Enough to Design a Rich Featured Mobile App?

Absolutely not!

So, What Else is Required?

Well, next is the turn of your research work. You need to draw a sketch of the design based on the user flows. Build a straightforward prototype. You can create it on a paper. It will be simple and understandable. No fancy touch, nothing ambiguous!

What is the Role of Flows & Outline?

Using the writing first method, make an outline of the user flow. These flows and outline is very helpful in exploring the content of your mobile application. At this stage, You are able to determine the number of pages in total.

After cutting many times, when Your prototype is final, you can build a digital prototype such as UXPin.

What Are Important Things to Consider?

There, You will move to the structural view and layout of the app. Since this is a mobile app, so you need to keep in mind the orientation, thumb placement and posture to enhance the usability.

What If You Copy App Design?

There are lots of apps, you can check to get a clue. But, it does not mean that You copy some other app. However, common interfaces can be alike.

Smartphone’s are touch devices in which the use of gestures is significant, for example, swipe, zoom, double tapping and pinching. The use of animations is interesting.


What is the Role of Gestures and Animations?

There are some elements that disappear, we call it deletion. But, the elements that slide

out, are to use later. Gestures and animations enhance the user experience.

How can a Designer Forget the Navigation?

Make it as simple as possible. The bottom navigation is easy to tap as compared to the top navigation. In the race of making your application different, do not mess up with the text. If you need to ask the full name of the user, write “Full name”, not “Name (full)”. So, use the important words first.

Should the App will be User Friendly?

For the mobile app design, it is very vital to make it finger friendly. The user has to tap and the finger may be a fat one. Therefore, leave proper space for the fingertips.

Leaving a narrow space in buttons frustrates the user and he switches to some other app.

Josh Clark says, people hold their mobile in 3 ways;

With the 1 thumb in 1 hand.

With the 2 thumbs in 2 hands.

With the 2 hands 1 digit.

In the Apple apps, the recommended space is forty four pixels square.

How Interface Role its Play?

The use of shadows and gradients is not as much as it was once. However, in the sight of Kennedy, they make better sense of an interface. They give a natural touch to the 3D buttons.

How Many Steps Make Your App Successful?

Enable the user to accomplish his task in the app quickly. This is obviously possible, when there are not too many steps. The Two Taps Rule (presented by Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo), explains it better, i.e.

If your app allows the user to perform his task in the app in 2 taps, that is fine. But if it is not, consider redesigning your application. Less steps mean more success of the app.

Hope, these tips will help you in designing a mobile app. These are not just recommendations of the experts, but a set of modern elements to keep in view while designing. So once, your application get positive feedback, you can earn $1000 per week.

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