Challenges in Developing Mobile Apps

What are the Challenges in Developing Mobile Apps?

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Challenges in Developing Mobile Apps

Designing a mobile App is very interesting and a great source. Often it is generally asked, what are the challenges in developing mobile apps? Here we discuss almost all.

The functionality of an App makes it popular and user friendly. The carelessness to certain keys while developing a mobile Application is as if you have designed no App, Because the users will not be able to access it. You definitely don’t want to waste your efforts.

Which technical issues can affect the usability of an App? The expert designers have shared the following blunders that make an App failed.

How Important is Customization?

Customization! Apparently, a single word, but having a great impact on the success or failure of an App. It means that the mobile App should be compatible with the operating system, you have designed for.

All the operating systems have a different programming and user interface, e.g. Android has a back button, but in the iOS, there is no back button. So, a single App may not serve all the platforms.

The App is working fine on Android, because you designed it for Android. But again, it’s equally important that your App works on all the mobile phones. Samsung and HTC, both are Android phones.

What if the App runs successfully on HTC, but crashes on Samsung?

For this, try to optimize your App for all the popular models.

What is On Boarding Process?

After launching your mobile Application, you must watch the on boarding process. Your App should be so functional that the new users compel to give a five star review. If a user does not use the App again within the 1st week, you may lose him forever.

To draw the attention of the new customers, send them on boarding push notification in the start. Such alerts can bring 71% traffic back to your App.

What About Navigation and Architecture?

Do you have enough information about the user experience (UX)?

Make the navigation and the information architecture simple.

All the smartphone users are not highly qualified. Your App should be understandable for an average user. Make sure, when he opens the App, he can easily get around. He is able to access a feature repeatedly.

Often, a user has to spend more time in searching a particular option on the App. Add every important option in the settings. If your Application is a game, focus on the game features instead of adding unnecessary ads, links or buttons.

What About Checkout Process?

Do you intend to design a mobile App for selling products?

Well, it can lead you earn online. For a mobile user, checking out is not so easy. He has to provide the home address, email ID and other order details on the small screen. So, let the checkout process as simple as possible. Eliminate all the unnecessary options.

You can give the option of login through Facebook.

Should App User Testing?

It is the most challenging issue that a designer should not overlook. Ask the outside users to test the Application. The surveys are a good choice for the testing by the end users.

Their feedback is very helpful in tackling the usability issues. The click tracking is another option in this regard.

You can assess where the users click in the App and how they explore it.

Apart from the user testing, there are several testing software. You can come to know whether the design of your App is user friendly and optimal.

Which One is Better Landscape or Portrait Orientation?

This may be annoying for the user, if your App does not support both ways of orientation, i.e. landscape and portrait.

The user may, sometimes, want to use the App in landscape mode. It limits the usability of an App that he cannot open it in portrait mode. The experienced designers consider it a big issue.

Should Avoid too Many Steps?

Are you focusing on the number of steps, your mobile application offers?

Make sure, they are not too many. Provide one click payment instead of credit card details.

Offer straight away login without too many steps of registration.

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