Which is the No 1 Insurance Company in the World

Which is the No 1 Insurance Company in the World?

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There is no surety in our life that we never face disasters. Disasters happen & we have to face them. It can be an accident, falling sick, fire, thefting or being a victim of natural calamities. Here we discussed best insurance companies of 2021.

In that kind of situations we have to bear pain but also we have to bear financial crises too. Insurance is the only way to get ready to bear that kind of loses.

It recommends the surety that the financial part of the problem can be handled. In this manner, relation with an insurance company is very important. It is because that if you face any calamity you need to claim your insured amount.

Question is How to Find a Reliable Insurance Company?

There are many insurance companies that are reliable & trust worthy to give you your insurance claim.Here we are giving Top Ten Insurance Companies In The World.


Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance is American based company. It deals in commercial property insurance, casualty insurance, healthcare professional liability insurance, executive & professional lines, travel insurance, medical stop loss insurance & home owners insurance.

It also provides property reinsurance. As of Forbes Berkshire company is the third largest company in the world. It is tenth largest conglomerate in the world.


Ping An Insurance is China based company. The company was founded in 1988. As of January 2018 worth of Ping An Insurance was 217 Billion $.

Insurance, Banking & Investment are the segments deal by Ping An Insurance Company.Insurance segment deals in life insurance, casualty insurance, property insurance, & health insurance.

The Banking segment deals in loan. The Investment segment deals in trust & assets management.


In this queue top of the list is AXA. One of the most admirable companies of all time is French based company, built in 1816.It primarily operates Western Europe, North America, the Asia Pacific Region & the Middle East. AXA run their business independently in more than 64 countries with their rules & regulations.

It mainly provides wealth management, financial protection, life insurance, property insurance, causality insurance & health care.AXA is serving 103 million clients all over the world. The most trust worthy insurance company’s revenue in 2018 was 102.9 billion $.


China Life Insurance Company’s head office is in Beijing. Mainly it provides life insurance & health insurance. It is 70 % owned by state.It was founded in 1949. Its employees are more than 600,000 & the revenue of this company in 2018 was 118 billion $.


Allianz Insurance is Germany based European multinational financial services company. Companies specialize in insurance & asset management business.

As by Forbes magazine it is world’s largest insurance company in 2014. According to the Forbes magazine, Allianz assets worth $1062 Billion. Allianz employees are more than 142,460.


Japan Post Holdings is Japan based company. Its core businesses are financial window business, banking business & life insurance.

Therefore, Subsidiaries of this company are Japan Post, Japan Post Bank, Japan Post Insurance & Toll Holdings. However, Company has 24000 offices & 400.000 employees.


Prudential Financial is an American based company which provides insurance, investment & other financial services.

Therefore, Prudential offers life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, group insurance, retirement insurance & investment management.

Therefore, Founded in 1875 & number of employees are 49,705. According to Forbes magazine Prudential ranked on 69th number as World’s largest company.


ING Group is Amsterdam based Dutch Banking & Financial services provider company. Therefore, Core business of this company is related to banking, assets management & insurance services.

Therefore, It ranked top largest thirty banks in the world with 1.1 Trillion $ assets. However, Its number of employee is 54000. It started insurance business in 1991.


People Insurance Company of China is China based company. However, This company is largest issuer of casualty insurance.

However, It provides all major insurances except life insurance. Therefore, PICC branch offices are in New York & in London. PICC assets are 126 Billion $ as of 2015.


New Jersey Manufacturers group is an American based company. Therefore, It provides casualty insurance & is best in providing car insurance.

Therefore, Company started business in 1913. Now it’s number of employees are 2500.NJM also provides workers compensation insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance & commercial auto insurance. However, Generally it is said that NJM is one of the best auto insurance company in the world with 0 % complaints.

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